Consuming Whole Foods the Easiest Way to Diet

When people decide that they want to begin eating healthier, they often think they have to go on some type of complex diet.  Nutritionists have been recommending low fat this, and reduced sodium that, but, for those that shop on the outer edges of the grocery store to create the bulk of their meals, a healthy diet is simply a matter of consuming and creating foods that are in their most natural state.  In other words, whole foods are the best way to enjoy a healthy diet and get all the nutrients a person needs.

A diet full of whole foods, may just be the easiest diet to be on.

A diet full of whole foods, may just be the easiest diet to be on.

It’s in the processing

For those that follow studies about obesity, heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer, it seems that there is a definite trend that is affecting people:  processed foods.  Processed foods contain extra sodium, trans fats, and sugars that can affect the way your body works.  When a whole grain cracker that is supposed to be healthy goes through so much processing and preserving, it becomes unhealthy.

You can offset much of the effects of processing when you choose to begin eating as many whole foods as possible.

For those that aren’t sure of what a “whole food” is, it is food that is unprocessed.  A roast is a roast.  It hasn’t had anything added to it, and it doesn’t need a label to explain the ingredients.  These foods are unprocessed, and they can offer you everything you need to create extraordinary meals, treats and even snacks so everyone in your family can feel satisfied with your diet.

So many possibilities

In order to make the most of enjoying whole foods, you have to be a bit of an investigator and something of a cook.  However, it is possible to make satisfying foods, even carbohydrates, when you know how to cook and use whole foods properly.

It is partly about being creative, and partly about taking the time to slow down enough to enjoy the fuel that your body truly needs, and the fact that you have created it.  Not only that, but when you’re working with ingredients that are unprocessed, you can make almost anything – even cookies, although it will take some research to figure out what ingredients actually work for your taste.

The perfect diet

Not only is choosing to consume whole foods an excellent way to stay healthy, but it’s also a perfect type of diet.  This type of diet can actually help you to lose weight and keep it off more easily than other diets because it’s so simple.   You’re eliminated added fats, so it’s even okay to enjoy some grass fed beef.  You’ve eliminated the added sugars, so those fruits and homemade treats that you discover how to make once in a while will be just fine to enjoy.

The bottom line; if you’re looking for the simplest way to diet, it’s time to consider switching to whole foods, and getting rid of the processing.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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