Acai Berry Dietary Supplements Boast Many Benefits for Health

acai-berry-bowlAn Acai berry is from an Acai palm tree (Euterpe oleracea) and is roughly the size of a grape.  It is in the same family as other anti oxidant rich berries such as blueberries, cranberries, and other purple fruits. They grow abundantly in central and south America.  It has been marketed in the United States as a dietary supplement and many people refer to it as a super food.

Acai berry claims to increase energy levels, improve sexual performance, improve digestion, detoxification, improved skin appearance, improve heart health and reduction of cholesterol levels. Many scientists are skeptical but they do agree that it has the antioxidant equivalent to a concord grape. Its biggest claims are that of diabetes reversal and increases sexual attractiveness and performance. It is currently used as a flavoring in tequila in Brazil and other place in the central Americas. Here are some of the magnificent berries claims:

  • Acai berry has a remarkable concentration of antioxidants that combat premature aging, and contain 10 times more antioxidants than red wines. It has much more antioxidants in it than foods of a similar kind, including several dark berries and other fruits that are domesticated.
  • It has a nice combination of monosaturated fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health.
  • Has an advanced amino acid complex with valuable trace minerals important to muscle contraction and regeneration. It also provides a temporary boost in metabolism so that it works well as a minor dietary aid.
  • Fatty acid content is similar to that of olive oil and is rich in oleic acid which allows omega-3 fish oils to penetrate the cell membrane easier and together they keep the cell membrane supple. This allows hormones, neurotransmitters, and insulin to penetrate better.
  • Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against stressors and free radicals. Free radicals are byproducts produced by the body that are harmful. These anti oxidants also help to reduce disease and aging by allowing permeation into the cell membranes by certain necessary chemicals that help reduce the side effects of aging.
  • Acai berry promotes weight loss by detoxifying the body and by introducing antioxidants into a diet. By flushing out harmful chemicals the body also metabolizes better.
  • Acai oil is sometimes used in the place of other tropical oils used in beauty products like facial creams, body creams, anti-aging skin therapies, and hair products. Even when acai berry oil is stored it maintains its original level of antioxidant activity.
  • Acai berries sometimes give people with pollen allergies a little bit of discomfort but it is overall safe in moderately large quantities.
  • Acai berry has many other qualities such as promoting weight loss, boosting energy and stamina, promotes restful sleep and fights aging. The anti oxidants are widely believed to be the main benefit to the acai berry.

As with any other “miracle” fruits it is important to see how it reacts with each person’s individual body system. If it gives undesirable effects like upset stomach or flushing of the face it may not be appropriate for that individual. Acai berry is being studied heavily at the moment since it has so many miraculous claims.

Acai berry is rich in anti oxidants and that alone makes it worth researching and looking into since anti oxidants are main ingredients in “super foods”. It has been used in Brazil for centuries and is continually a main ingredient in Brazilian diets.  On an interesting note, acai berry ingested into a person digestive system makes a good contrast for magnetic resonance imaging.

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