Study Shows Full Fat Dairy Products May Aid in Weight Loss

A surprising Swedish study has found that women working who want to lose weight or maintain, full fat dairy products may be more beneficial than their lower fat counterparts.  There has been considerable debate regarding dairy product and their benefits vs. negatives, so these recent findings may have people a bit more confused than ever.


Full fat dairy products may aid in weight loss

Full fat dairy products may aid in weight loss

The study, done by Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, established their findings by tracking the dietary habits of 20,000 women over the course of 10 years.   At the beginning of the study, the women had an average BMI (Body Mass Index) of 23.7.  When researchers checked in a decade later, the women who reported that they had enjoyed full fat dairy products were the ones who had maintained a lower BMI as opposed those that has switched to the lower fat versions of dairy products.

Many health care providers and nutritionists are also recommending that those looking to lose or maintain their current weight consider consuming full fat dairy products.  This isn’t just limited to milk, though.  Over the 10 years of the study, those that enjoyed full fat cheeses were found to cause 30 percent less weight gain than those who chose low fat versions.

Other studies have found that the increased fat in these products can be more filling, which prevents sugar spikes throughout the day and also prevent overeating during meal times.  It is also thought that the increased fat found in full fat dairy products helps people to better absorb essential calcium.  There is also a chemical found in dairy products, called Conjugated Linoleic Acid that has been found to reduce body fat deposits, as well as offer immune boosting benefits.

Supplements of this acid are often used when treating illnesses like certain types of cancer, obesity, hardening of the arteries, food allergies, and is even used to combat weight loss due to certain illnesses and bodybuilders use it, as well.

Despite all the benefits of full fat dairy products, it is still necessary to keep in mind that too much saturated fat can be quite detrimental to other areas of health.  For this reason, many dieticians still recommend choosing the lower fat versions of dairy products, especially when working to lose significant amounts of weight, or when other illnesses such as diabetes are involved.

For those who want to enjoy the added health benefits of full fat dairy products, it might be more beneficial to go from fat-free, or low fat milk to reduced fat milk, and enjoy other healthy options such as full fat yogurt, and cheeses.  It may also be beneficial to cook with butter in recipes that call for butter.

The bottom line is that, when enjoyed in conjunction with an overall healthy, low fat diet, full fat dairy products may have many health benefits that their lower fat counterparts do not.  When the recommended servings are enjoyed daily, even dieters can lose weight and benefit from the nutrients that dairy products offer.

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