Research Confirms First Case of H7H9 Bird Flu Human-to-Human Transmission has been providing our audience, readers, and most loyal followers with the latest coverage on the most recent breaking news in regards to the H7H9 bird flu outbreak in China.

The H7H9 bird flu Virus or most serious and fatal bird-flu virus/outbreak of all time- AKA (Also Know As)  the ” Most serious Outbreak of H7H9 Bird  Flu in 2013“- has been growing ever so serious in nature and transpiring into an epidemic of sorts the past few months in the most populated of the (Asian) mid-eastern countries.

Four New Cases of H7H9 Bird Flu In China

Experts have been researching H7H9 bird flu cases reported in China, and after releasing verified statements that  the H7H9 bird flu virus is not a major threat to the United States and any other countries outside of China.

H7H9 bird flu Virus Worst Strain of  Bird Flu YET

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not only retracted previous statements made about the dynamics of how H7H9 is spread and distributed by contact with humans, air, and birds- but they are now issuing reports to the public media which clearly show that indeed- the H7H9 Bird Flu Virus can be transmitted  through VIA human-to-human.

Breaking H7H9 News: New Health Alert Timeline of Bird-Flu News Coverage  

Updates and Latest Breakthrough News Headlines on H7H9  Bird Flu

Although many health experts and infectious disease specialists have previously predicted that there would be sure-fire documentation produced imminently- which would  prove that the most serious strain of  H7H9 bird flu defined to date could/would/ and most  likely is possibly (transmitted via/through human-to human contact.) 

The latest research, case studies, news coverage, and health-based reports on “The H7H9 Bird Flu of 2013″ have proven and currently positively indicate that the newly discovered  H7H9 bird- flu strain can likely be transmitted  through via human-to-human contact.

“This may be the nightmares of all nightmares of outbreaks, eventually-  this could transpire into something greater than the notoriety that CBS’s  based on Stephen King’s Novel -new weekly series  ‘Under The Dome”  is receiving.”

The H7H9 Bird-Flu Virus Strain” is a serious threat to the United States and it is now known that the massive H7H9 bird-flu strain can be and may be transmitted by eating, touching,  and being exposed directly from infected poultry/swine sources as well as humans who have been exposed and  infected with the H7H9 virus and bacteria (bird to bird) & (bird to human).”

The most recent WHO (World Health Organization) press statements significantly contradict their previous media releases to the press that have indeed patronized the public and medis in regards to the H7H9 virus. They have previously stated that the the most recently discovered hybrid strain of bird-flu is not a “pandemic” type  threat that can be spread through human-to-human contact. But now Science, evidence, and statistics prove otherwise.

The WHO states that this particular case falls in the criteria of:

“The transmissibility was limited and non-sustainable.”

The first human-to-human case of the H7H9 bird flu has been confirmed by Chinese authorities this week. A female, age 32 that resided in the town of Wuxi was stricken with the H7H9 virus after being exposed to the deadly virus when caring for her H7H9 infected father. Researchers have confirmed both the infected father and the exposed daughter’s deaths are a result of the H7H9 virus. Researchers report that the 32 year-old woman had no known contact with any raw poultry or chickens.


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