Bird Poop Facials: The Next Big Thing In Manhattan’s Luxury Skin Care Scene

The next big thing when it comes to luxury skin care in Manhattan is the Bird Poop Facial.  Sounds pretty gross to many, but it’s taking off at one New York City skin care salon.  Shizuka off Fifth Avenue is seeing about 100 clients each month visit and pay hefty money – about $180 a piece for what is considered to be a traditional Japanese facial.

Looking for the next big thing in high end skin care?  Try a bird poop facial.

Looking for the next big thing in high end skin care? Try a bird poop facial.

The facial uses imported Asian nightingale excrement combined with rice bran to help keep facial skin smooth and soft.  Apparently, the bird poop contains an enzyme that gently exfoliates the skin and keeps people looking young and fresh.

Shizuka Berstein, the owner of the spa, has been offering what is called the Geisha Facial for about five years, but it is thought that this beauty trick dates all the way back to the 1600’s, when Japanese actors and geishas discovered it.

Geishas had notoriously unhealthy skin due to all the zinc and lead in the powder they used.  The nightingale poop actually helped to remove all their makeup and re-texturize the skin.  It even helped with many of the skin problems that geishas would experience.

For her part, Berstein says that she tries to bring the most effective treatments to her clients while keeping things natural.

It doesn’t seem particularly healthy, but according to employees at the spa, the bird poop is sterilized using UV lights.  Also, many have said that it doesn’t smell like poop, the mixture smells like rice bran.

For those that think they are above having poop slathered on their faces, it might be surprising who is actually enjoying it.  Tom Cruise has had it done, and many like the idea of a natural treatment that helps to keep their skin smooth and fresh.  In fact, Victoria Beckham is the first to have made the treatment popular among the elite of Hollywood.  For those with enough money to spend, the price tag isn’t daunting at all.

According to one first-timer, the treatment doesn’t smell.  It starts with steam that helps the pores to open.  After that, the technician applies cream to the face.  Then the poop is combined with rice bran and applied to the face with a brush.  It is then rubbed into the skin, and voila; fresh, renewed skin.

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