Low-Fat Foods Are Better, And Other Food Myths That Might Be Causing You to Gain Weight

Nobody wants to gain weight, and if you think you’re making healthy food choices, gaining weight can be positively scary.  Before you assume you have a thyroid condition, you should take a look at some of the food myths that you might be adhering to, at the risk of your trim waistline.

There are many diet myths that can actually cause even the most health conscious person to gain weight.

There are many diet myths that can actually cause even the most health conscious person to gain weight.

Health care professionals are now taking a new turn when it comes to certain dietary choices, and that means that much of what people used to consider “healthy diet” guidelines are now turning into food myths.

-          Low-fat is better.  According to health care professionals, it has now come to light that the body actually needs healthy monounsaturated fats to absorb vitamins properly, and new studies actually show that participants who were on a moderate fat diet actually lost about two times as much as those who were on a low-fat diet.  So, enjoy a little fat, but keep it healthy.

-          Protein shakes help with weight loss.  Sure, if you use them as a meal, without additional food.  However, many people consider a protein shake as a snack and not a meal, which can actually make a person gain pounds.

-          High protein is the top way to lose weight.  As with so many other food myths, loading up on protein can be harmful to the health.  Carbohydrates are essential to keep the body going.  Plus, they provide essential fiber, and help to release feel-good hormones, so cutting them out is never a bright idea.  Plus, it’s possible to cut out other essential nutrients, as well.

-          Eliminating carbohydrates is the second most important step toward losing weight.  Dieticians and health care providers agree that this just is not the case.

-          Fruit has too much sugar.  With all the artificial sugars that come with so many processed foods, the sugar you get from fruit is the healthiest type of sugar you can enjoy.  Not to mention all of the healthy nutrients that fruits have to offer.

-          The favorites are off limits.  Not so fast.  Cutting yourself off of all the delicious favorite foods out there can actually sabotage your efforts.  Try to enjoy them, but only occasionally.  So, they aren’t exactly “off limits,” you just don’t want them at the moment.

-          Weekends allow you to eat what you want.  Not so fast.  Remember that calories are always calories, and no matter what time of the week it is, you’re likely to sabotage your efforts if you keep thinking this way.  Instead, choose one day a week to have a “cheat” meal, but don’t pack in 5,000 calories in one day and expect not to gain weight.

Ultimately, experts feel that new diet rules have more to do with moderation, healthy choices and less processing, to help fuel the body, and slim down.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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