Guys: Your New Baby May Be the Reason Why You’re Not Interested in Sex Right Now

According to a new study, you new baby may be a large part of the reason why you’re not interested in sex right now.  Apparently, the male half of couples also experience postpartum sexuality shift that are much like that of the female half of the couple.

A new study shows that mom isn't the only one that is just not interested in sex after a new baby.

A new study shows that mom isn’t the only one that is just not interested in sex after a new baby.

Previous studies on post childbirth sex primarily focused on how the female sex drive lags.  It’s often caused from hormonal changes during pregnancy, and breastfeeding doesn’t often make things much better on this front, but the new study focuses on the partner, and what’s happening in their biology.

Dr. Sari van Anders with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her team of researchers developed the study to take a close look at the relational and social process of postpartum sexuality.  The focus was on the mother’s partner this time.  The study took a look at 114 partners, and had them fill out a questionnaire online about their sexuality in the three months after the birth of their youngest child.

The study found that partners tend to experience similar changes in their sexuality, including desire and lack thereof.  When desire was low in partners, it primarily had to do with factors that involved caring for the new baby, including stress and sleeplessness.  The dips didn’t have that much to do with the fact that mom wasn’t that into it.

According to Dr. van Anders, the findings help to clear up the question of how parents experience their sexuality in ways that are put into context with parenting and partner relationships.

The results were published Thursday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

In the past, research found that nature regulated a man’s testosterone levels as he becomes a new dad.  Men that had the highest levels of testosterone are more likely to find a mate, but when a baby is born, and he is involved with his children, his testosterone levels dip.  That study was done by a group of researchers with Northwestern University and was published in 2011 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

So guys, if you find that you’re not that interested in a physical relationship right after your little bundle of joy is born, you’re not alone.  It’s normal, and don’t worry, eventually your sex life will hit a new normal, as well.

Written by Tony Clark

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