Lose Weight in Seven Days – Yes, It’s Real

If you need to lose weight fast, you know that there are only a few options.  You can go on a juice cleanse, which many people find makes them miserable; you can eat nothing but celery and cabbage, or you can lose weight in seven days with this new plan.

It is possible to lose weight in just seven days.

It is possible to lose weight in just seven days.

Whether it’s a wedding, a class reunion or any other big event that you want to slim down for, staying healthy while you do it is essential, so try this plan and see how impressive your results can be.

Day One:  Get rid of processed foods.  Processed foods contain all kinds of stuff that is, well, fattening, so getting them out of the pantry is the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to losing weight.  So, ditched the boxed and wrapped goods, and head to the grocery store and start shopping the outer edges of it.  Produce has no labels or packaging, so start with these products.

Day Two:  No alcohol – for a while.  Yes, alcohol can be dehydrating, which makes you look less than lovely, but it also contains lots of extra calories that you simply don’t need when you’re trying to lose weight in seven days.

Day Three:  Fiber baby.  You might be cutting out carbs, but you should make sure to add that essential fiber.  Add flax seed to yogurt, and almonds to your dinner to get the essential fiber boost.

Day Four:  Three small meals, plus two snacks – every day.  You’ve got to eat, but not too much.  Three small meals, around 300 calories each, a day; coupled with two small snacks around no more than 150 calories, is your best bet when it comes to choosing the right diet.

Day Five:  Banish bloat.  It’s time to get rid of the foods that can cause you to become bloated.  Say goodbye to broccoli, peppers and onions because they all cause gas and bloating.  Try water based fruits and veggies instead.  Cucumbers, watermelon, oranges, spinach bananas and asparagus are fantastic options to help purge the belly.

Day Six:  Clean your system.  You might not know it, but if your cells don’t get enough water, they are going to hold more of it, so sip about two to three liters a day, but do it slowly so the cells feel full – but your bladder doesn’t.

Day Seven:  Eat a high protein breakfast.  This is the critical day, so you want to start out with a great, high protein breakfast to fuel your body and keep hunger away all day long.  Don’t forget to enjoy your three meals and two snacks, but make the morning meal full of protein for optimal weight loss results.

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Written by Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. She has an impressive portfolio as her works have been previously featured in several health journals and local newspapers in the Sunshine State. She takes health reporting to a new level with factual relation to what readers want and need to know . Having spent the last decade working all over the Internet as a freelancer writer, she is ecstatic that she has the opportunity to work with the Newhealthalert team to bring the best news, commentary, and information to the public on a global level.

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