Guys: Build Your Perfect Body with These Foods

Guys, let’s face it; sometimes, it’s essential to get the right balance of foods to ensure that we’re living healthy, and building the muscles that we actually want for that ideal body.  This new mix of foods was developed by Alan Aragon, MS.  He’s a nutritionist out of Westlake Village, CA, and he’s spent a long time working on this “tower of muscle foods” list.

Certain foods can help you build your perfect body.

Certain foods can help you build your perfect body.

What they will do

This list of foods is going to help you ensure you’re getting the right balance of nutrients to build the muscles you truly want, but it’s also going to ensure you’re getting the proper portion size so all you build is lean muscles, not fat.

If you want to look as fit as you feel, then you undoubtedly should check out this plan.

The foods

At the top of the pyramid is nuts and avocado.  At one to two servings daily, this essential should be kept in check because of the high calories.  One serving equals about ¼ cup of nuts, half an avocado or 2 tablespoons of the nut butter of your choice.

Number two on the pyramid is fats and oils.  You should enjoy about two to four servings of these a day, usually with a meal.  One serving equals a tablespoon of olive, or other healthy oil, or a pat of butter.

Taking third on the pyramid is dairy products.  Have two to four servings to help keep your bones strong and healthy, and provide more protein for muscle fuel.  One serving equals a cup of milk, six ounces of yogurt, one ounce of hard cheese or a 1/3 cup of cottage cheese.

Don’t forget the fruit.  Fourth on the pyramid, fruit is full of nutrients, antioxidants and natural sugars that, believe it or not, boost the metabolism.  Have two to four servings a day.  One serving equals one medium sized whole fruit, 1.5 cup fresh cut fruit, or a quarter cup of dried fruit.

Ah yes, starch.  This is fifth on the pyramid, but you need it to keep energy levels up.  Just avoid white breads and keep it between two and four servings daily.  One serving equals a cup of rice, beans, corn or pasta, one cup of cereal such as Cheerios or Total Whole Grain, or a small potato.

Number six on the list is low starch veggies.  You should aim for three or more servings daily, and one serving equals one cup of raw veggies aside from corn or potatoes – any kind.

High protein foods are what your body needs the most of, four to eight servings daily.  One serving counts as one scoop of protein powder, three eggs or three ounces of any type of meat.

Oh, and when it comes to alcohol and junk food – aim only for about 200 calories of it, and if that’s too challenging, enjoy one “cheat meal” weekly, where just about anything goes.

Written by Tony Clark

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