Kate Middleton Stems Support for Debut of Realistic Post Pregnancy Body

post pregnancy bodyThe debut of the new royal baby has not only marked a very important event for history, but even more so the debut of Prince George also has people talking about Kate Middleton’s realistic portrayal of how a new mother’s stomach (after belly bump) and post pregnant body should look like one day post baby.

All over the media comments are flooding posts on the arrival of Prince William’s and Dutchess Kate’s baby boy. These comments are mainly remarking on the Dutchess’s humble display of her still swollen abdomen. Some people are questioning why she still looks pregnant, while others are embracing the notion that Kate is supplying the public with  a very realistic account of how a woman’s post pregnancy body typically should look right after childbirth.

Hollywood Life praises Kate in this statement made in a recent post on their website,

“Kate, you proved that a post pregnancy body is beautiful when you stepped out of St. Mary’s Hospital on July 23 with your adorable bundle of joy. You empowered moms everywhere when you showed off your post-baby bump to the world!”

Even ABC news is declaring Kate as ‘”A fit new role model for new moms.”

Why all the hoopla about Kate’s open display of her after baby bump?

First of all, in this day and age celebrities have made it impossible to get a realistic perspective on how a female’s post pregnancy body recovers after carrying a child for nine months. Magically celebrities have made it appear as if every woman should have a super-flat tummy, lose all their baby weight, and look as if they were never pregnant to begin with only weeks after giving birth.

Celebrities have many little tricks that enable them to be “super-heros” in terms of  looking so thin, fit, and having the perfect post pregnancy body after child birth and this is personifying false pretenses of an after-pregnancy body to women. Because of this, the majority of people do not even understand “the normalcy” of after pregnancy weight retention and belly distention and new moms tend to have unrealistic expectations of how they should look after carrying a baby for nine months.

post pregnancy body Kate

Kate Middleton Embracing her post-pregnancy body and holding her after George baby-bump

What should women really expect after giving birth to a baby?

Everyone assumes that if Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, and Adriana Lima can look amazingly trim 3-4 weeks after having their babies- that normal women should be able to do the same.  However, this is not clearly the case when it comes to what normal women should expect after gaining 25-35 pounds or more during a normal pregnancy.

In fact, the average “new mother” looks exactly as if they are still 7 months pregnant after giving birth (hence Kate’s round tummy while introducing Prince George to the world.)

Even if  a woman has not gained a vast amount of extra baby weight, it takes at least 6 weeks for the uterus that was stretched gradually to accommodate a growing human to shrink all the way back down to it’s original pre-pregnancy state.

You must also take into account that women only lose about 20 lbson average of their accumulated pregnancy weight including water weight, physical weight of the baby, extra weight of breasts, and 2lbs of uterus until it shrinks down after 6 weeks. If more weight was gained over the nine months of pregnancy, then it may take a few months of dieting and exercise to get back to a pre-pregnancy weight.

In addition, different women respond differently after having a baby. Factors like age, gender, weight gain, breast feeding, and skin elasticity all impact how long a woman’s body will take to bounce back after giving birth. Sara Haley celebrity weight trainer sums up the” post pregnancy body dilemma” best in this statement she made to ABC news:

“It took you nine months to fully expand and Haley says it usually takes about the same amount of time to completely restore your body to its former glory once you’ve had a baby. Keep in mind that having a baby is a major physical event. Even if you lose weight quickly, it may not be until your baby’s nine-month landmark that your body looks the way you want and your pre-pregnancy clothes fit properly again. That timeline will vary by a few months depending on a number of factors, including your age, genetics, how many kids you’ve had, whether or not you breastfeed and if you’ve had a C section.”




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