Heart Health another Benefit of Eating Breakfast

Health care professionals have long mentioned the many benefits of eating breakfast.  A healthy breakfast can boost the energy and brain power, it can help us to feel full and more satisfied throughout the day, and it can also help to boost the metabolism.  So, it may be no surprise to find that heart health is another benefit of eating breakfast.

New research shows that heart health is another benefit of eating breakfast.

New research shows that heart health is another benefit of eating breakfast.

According to a recent study, everyone should enjoy a healthy breakfast every day to help ensure that their hearts stay healthy.  The study, published in the journal Circulation, examined 27,000 men and found that those who skipped breakfast regularly were at increased risk for heart problems.

The Harvard School of Public Health research team found that skipping the essential first meal of the day caused additional strain to the body.

Participants were men between the ages of 45 and 82.  They were followed for a total of 16 years, during which time there were over 1,500 heart attacks or fatal heart failures.  After the scientists adjusted the findings to account for lifestyle factors such as amount of exercise and smoking, they found that those that skipped breakfast regularly were 27 percent more likely to experience heart problems than their counterparts who started each day with breakfast.

While the study only examined men who were over the age of 45, the message seems to clearly show that skipping breakfast over time strains the heart and can cause damage.  Health care professionals have said that it is possible that waiting too long to eat the morning meal could increase the chances for developing diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity; all of which cause damage to the heart.

Many dieticians recommend eating something for breakfast within about an hour of waking up.  It is easy to choose well balanced foods for breakfast, but some of the more commonly recommended choices include fruit and whole grain toast, omlettes with low-fat cheese, and vegetables, or even some whole grain cereal with low-fat milk are good choices.

As with the other meals, aim for a colorful plate that includes a variety of nutrients, and protein can help you to feel satisfied throughout the day.

The bottom line is that enjoying a healthy breakfast can help to boost the metabolism, provide you with energy and protect your heart, so there are even more reasons to enjoy the first meal of the day.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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