My Child is Snoring – Does it Mean Anything?

Every person can start snoring at one period of their life due to various reasons. However, snoring is not a health condition that should be easily disregarded, even though many people across the globe decide not to over-think or check why they are suffering from this issue.

Snoring happens when the air movement is blocked while the person is sleeping. When the air doesn’t flow regularly, that means that there is a blockage that can be caused by many different things. Even though it might sound a bit bizarre and unbelievable, sometimes, even children snore in their sleep. If a parent notices that his child is snoring, he must not be oblivious to that fact because if he is easily disregarding this concrete condition, he might be ignoring a bigger problem that is only being concealed by snoring.

In general, snoring should definitely not be overlooked because it can be an acute disguise for another problem on a much deeper level. Snoring in children means that the child might be suffering from a health condition that must be treated immediately. Generally, the child that is making a grunting sound while sleeping might be suffering from depression, inattention or in some cases hyperactivity.


In order to find out the culprit for this strange thing that happens to some young children, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has financed a study based on how snoring affects children and what could possibly trigger snoring at young age. Approximately 249 children were a part of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital research. The doctors had found out that children around the age of 2 or the age of 3 that had a persisting problem with snoring have also developed a problematic behavior. Therefore, the doctors started to monitor the children in order to try and find out the reason behind its occurrence. Also, they have adduced all the children that were snoring more often and louder than others to a much needed follow up care.

One of the doctors working on this study had said that there are a couple of factors that can trigger this condition in young children, and most of the time, these factors were not something parents should be oblivious to. Sometimes, the reason why a child snores might be the fact that his mother wasn’t able to breast-feed the child or their economical status wasn’t at an appropriate level. Therefore, breast-feeding your child might be very helpful and prevent persistent grunting while sleeping.

Doctors have also warned parents that loud snoring for over a period of 30 days or a month and a half is definitely abnormal and must be treated by a physician because it might trigger some problems in the child’s behavior. Oversleeping can also cause worsening in the child’s way of breathing, because the oxygen exchange that occurs in the body can actuate the brain and eventually cause issues in the child’s behavior because the child will start to feel more irritated than usual.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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