14lb Whopping Baby Girl Born at Pennsylvania Hospital

On Thursday, a new 13 pound 12 ounce baby girl was born at the Armstrong County Memorial Hospital of Kittanning, PA.  Her name is Addyson Gale Cessna, and while doctors aren’t certain if it’s a record for the hospital, they know that they have never delivered a baby that weighed this much before.

14 pound babyMichelle and Mark Cessna, the baby’s mom and dad have said that both of their other two children were large, so they were not surprised to have had a big baby, but they didn’t think she would be this big.  Dad, Mark thought that she might weigh around 10 pounds, so it was a shock to have a nearly 14 pound baby.

Baby Addyson was delivered via cesarean section, and is 25 inches long.  Her doctor, Dr. Yannie Narcisse has mentioned how difficult it must have been to carry Addyson’s weight toward the end.

Addyson isn’t the biggest baby to have been born this year so far, in Britain, a baby named George King was born in March who weighed 15 pounds, 7 oz.

Babies that are born at the top 10th percentile for their weight, most of the time between nine and 10 pounds are generally said to have macrosomia.  It can potentially cause health issues after birth, which include a higher than acceptable blood sugar level, metabolic syndrome, which includes risk factors that increase the chances for heart disease and diabetes; and childhood obesity.

Often, babies of this size are caused from family history of large babies, being overdue, maternal diabetes and maternal obesity.

In March 2012, a study determined that the mother’s weight, not the blood sugar levels, was the factor that most determined the large birth weight of children.  According to Dr. Jennifer Wu, OB/GYN with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City has said that it can be difficult to determine how big a baby will be before it is born.  She says that ultrasounds are never 100 percent.  They are often about 10 percent off, and it can be even more off when babies are extremely little or extremely large.

Most health care professionals recommend getting plenty of physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet throughout pregnancy to prevent motherhood obesity, diabetes and other potential pregnancy complications.  Always follow doctor recommendations when it comes to weight gain and optimal health practices.

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Written by Heidi Shepard

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