Vitaminwater ” Deceptive Labeling” Lawsuit Moves Forward

vitaminwaterVitaminwater has been under-fire recently for making deceptive claims and now Federal U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Levy has ruled in favor of proceeding with a class-action lawsuit against the Coca-Cola Co.

The accusations of false-labeling have been brought forth by attorneys hired by consumers and the (CSPI) Center for Science in the Public Interest ( a health-advocacy group.)  They claim that Vitaminwater is making fraudulent claims that it can increase immunity and lower disease risks. In addition to also addressing the percentage of actual juice contained in vitamin water.

This has not been the first time that the CSPI has sued the Coca-Cola Co over its line of Vitaminwater beverages. The first lawsuit which occurred in 2009 filed by the CSPI carried similar accusations over the company’s claims that the drink supports joint health, prevents eye diseases, and boosts immunity.

The Coca-Cola Company attempted to have this lawsuit dismissed in 2010, but a Federal Judge denied the motion to dismiss it under the premise of technical grounds.

The latest decision to move forward with the class-action lawsuit against the Coca-Cola Co’s Vitaminwater will provide the plaintiffs injunctive relief. Injunctive relief will not enable any financial damages to be sought after by the plaintiffs, however a ruling in the plaintiffs favor will disable the Coca-Cola company from making any further claims such as the ones being questioned



Written by Tony Clark

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