Dubai Providing Gold in Return for Losing Weight

dubai_2534525bWe have previously published a post that explains how when a person is giving monetary incentives that they lose more weight than if they are not rewarded with money. Well, Dubai is taking this fact one more step farther as they are now offering gold to their citizens for losing weight in hopes to solve their obesity epidemic.

Participants were asked to weigh in and register in order to reap the benefits of earning a single gram of gold valued at $45 USD for every one kg lost in the period of 30 days.

The officials set the minimum at 2kg (4.4lbs) to qualify and there are no limits to the amount of weight or grams in gold an individual can earn during this challenge.

Recently the United Arab Emirates has been growing increasingly concerned about the Gulf Arab states (Dubai) rising rates of obesity. They have launched this “gold for weight loss project” in order to try to encourage citizens to adopt healthier lifestyles, to teach them to avoid fast foods, and also to inspire them to exercise more regularly.

We will have to wait to see if it works or not for a permanent solution, however other studies performed on providing money for weight loss have proven in fact effective.

In March the Mayo Clinic provided the same type of incentives to employees offering them $20 per pound lost- the study concluded that the individuals that were given the monetary incentive lost more weight (up to 9lbs) than the control group that was not given any rewards for weight loss.

Studies definitely show that money talks for weight loss, however when the monetary incentives expire do the people still continue to make the necessary changes for a healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Steve Driver author and researcher of the study performed by Mayo states that,

“The key is keeping this system in place.  Incentives are not like training wheels where people learn healthy habits and then will continue them on their own — you have to keep them up for them to work.”

More research will have to be performed in order to demonstrate whether the participants of these “money and gold for weight loss” programs actually adapted the lifestyles necessary to lose more weight and maintain their healthy weights.

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Written by Heidi Shepard

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