Kids that Get Enough Sleep Do Well in School

As recent studies based on sleeping were developed, doctors and researchers have stated that kids that get enough sleep do much better in school. Students that sleep regularly and for a longer period of the night behave and act more fitting than others that are sleep deprived. Apart from the fact that children do better in school when they get enough sleep, they also tend to be more efficient and accomplish their work for a shorter period of time.

A recent study was developed in Quebec, Canada by Reut Gruber, the director of the Attention Behavior and Sleep Lab at the Douglas Research Center. The main goal of this study was to see whether there is an alteration in the children’s work if they don’t sleep as much as they are supposed to. There were 34 children from the age 7 to the age 11 involved in the study financed by Reut Gruber.

The researchers have decided to form two groups of children – the first group of kids went to bed earlier than usual, and the other were put to bed later than the usual. The elementary school teachers didn’t have certain information of the children that went to sleep earlier and the children that were lacking some quality sleep. They have stated that there was some dissimilarity in the children’s behavior. The children that didn’t have enough sleep were easily irritated by small, unimportant things. On the other hand, the children that had enough sleep were acting more appropriate and were more efficient in class.

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Doctor Owens had stated that doctors and researchers are aware of the effect sleep has on the children’s memory, creativity and their emotional state. It is hard for young children to throw temper tantrums or to feel more sensitive than usual. Researchers said that they are not able to tell how much time sleeping children need, but usually it is about 10 to 11 hours.

A great way to find out how much sleep your child needs is to see how much he is sleeping for the weekends, holidays, vacation and similar periods of the year when the child is not following a proper time schedule. If the child is sleeping for a longer period of time when he doesn’t need to get up at a suitable time in the morning, that means the kid lacks a good sleep.

What is also very important is to know that children should not be playing on the computer, or watching television at least 30 minutes before they are put to sleep. Parents must be cautious and help their children build a proper sleeping routine, considering the fact that sleeping is valuable and it is as important as a healthy diet and physical exercise that their children need in order to keep their immune system on a high level and to feel more energized when they go to school or when they are studying at home.

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