Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer for Junk Food Eaters

Junk-Food1A new study reports that consuming large amounts of junk foods such as cakes, sweets, soda pops, chips, and other fattening snacks can impact an individual’s odds of getting colorectal cancer.

The study that was published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention and performed by a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh, identified a strong association with those who consume snack foods that are high in fat and sugar being more prone and at higher risk for contracting colorectal cancer.

From 1999-2006 about 5,000 participants age 16-79 were studied- 1/2 were colorectal cancer patients and the other remaining participants were the ‘control group.’ They were all asked to fill out a questionnaire that asked them about the types of foods they consume in their diets, how often they ate junk foods, and also other questions about their lifestyles.

The researchers found that those who ate and indulged in junk foods were surprisingly linked to having an increased risk of getting colorrectal cancer after they had ruled out other risk factors that could influence the results such as genetics, substance abuse, and smoking. The researchers stated in the journal:

“The finding of a positive association between the intake of ‘high-energy snack foods’ and CRC [colorectal cancer] is novel and remains significant after physical activity or BMI stratification.”

In their findings, a higher colorectal cancer risk was also associated with the intake of juices from fruits and vegetables. The researchers explained the reason for this may be is because many fruit and vegetable juices contain properties similar to what can be found in junk foods such as additives, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar.

These findings coincide perfectly with past studies that demonstrated that a lower risk of colorectal cancer was associated with those that consumed a healthy diet flourished with fresh vegetables and fruits and void of “junk foods with no nutritional value.”

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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