Boy Scouts With BMI of 40 or Over Banned From Jamboree

Boy-Scout-uniform-and-US-flag-via-ShutterstockThe Boy Scouts of America has been no stranger to controversy recently, and in Brittany Spears’ words “oops they did it again.”  The Boy Scouts are now falling under scrutiny for passing a new rule regarding participation in their annual event- The Boy Scout Jamboree.

This new rule states that any boy scout that possesses a BMI of 40 or more will not be able to participate in the Jamboree activities.

Already the claws are coming out of some organizations that believe that this new rule is crossing  the very fine line of discrimination.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) has made several public statements in retaliation claiming that the latest boy scout controversy is promoting discrimination and is solely a biased policy against those who are obese and overweight. They recently released this statement to the media:

“Weight does not equal health.”Hate is not good for young men’s health.”

In addition to this plea for the Boy Scouts to reconsider this rule,

“The Boy Scouts of America should reconsider their discriminatory practices and admit camp attendees NOT based on their physical fitness, NOT based on their body size, but based on their active status as a boy scout.”

Many boy scouts were not affected by this new rule when they went to join in the festivities of the Boy Scout Jamboree  that takes place every year at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia. However, the many that were did not even bother to register states CNN News.

So is this the Boy Scouts way of telling the kids that they encourage to be physically active, that they are too obese or fat to be active? That’s how many critics are looking at this ridiculous decision.

However, the Boy Scouts of America has released statements that defend their decision to disallow boys with 40 or higher BMI’s. Deron Smith spokesperson for the Boy Scouts states:

“This new policy isn’t meant to keep anyone out. We offer thousands of summer camp experiences that do not have this requirement”

The parents that this rule has affected really have not spoken out, and the boy scout spokesperson has commented that the Boy Scouts of America do not know as of yet how many boys that this new rule has impacted.

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