Alcohol with Nutritional Labeling a Possibility

nutritional labelingYou could begin seeing nutritional labeling on alcoholic beverages soon, however the Treasury has only made this an option for alcohol manufacturers so you may only see a limited amount of labeling on your favorite brands of alcoholic beverages.

Spirits and wine companies have now been granted permission to place nutritional labeling on their products that display the nutritional contents of the alcohol such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, calories, and serving size. The Treasury Department has never approved package labeling for alcohol before issuing this regulation in late May.

However, the Treasury Department is also not making this regulation mandatory for alcohol producers- so it will be entirely up to the individual manufacturer whether they place nutritional labeling on their products  or not.

Rules for alcohol nutritional labeling have never been made mandatory by the (TTB) Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau, although in 2007 they proposed rules that would have required alcohol producers to label their products. Even this new regulation is only a temporary solution, until the TTB decides to finalize and decide the rules to establish.

Labeling alcoholic beverages could have an enormous impact on both consumers and alcohol companies. It could help consumers monitor their calorie intake (alcoholic beverages often are packed with hidden calories) and it could help beer companies that offer low calorie and carb beers to increase their sales.

 Diageo (well-known distiller) Vice president Guy Smith states in lieu of this news that: 

“It’s something consumers have come to expect. In time, it’s going to be, why isn’t it there?”

There will be a few alcohol manufacturers that choose to utilize this new rule to their advantage in optimizing marketing strategies,  however others may not be as inclined to add nutritional labeling to their bottles for fear of hindering sales or ruining the aesthetics of their branding on bottles.

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Written by Heidi Shepard

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