Cory Monteith’s Death Sparks New Reality of Heroin Addiction

cory monteithIn light of the latest celebrity drug overdose tragedy involving Cory Monteith (most known  for playing the role of Finn on  the hit show “Glee”, the public is facing the new reality of Heroin addiction.

Last Saturday headlines shocked everyone as they heard the news that Cory Monteith had died alone in his Vancouver hotel room. Cory had previously been very open about his addiction battles- and even checked into rehab back in April 2013. Perhaps the most flooring attribute to this event is that Cory Monteith did not even appear to fit the “heroine addict” stereotype and profile.

However, in recent years abuse and use of heroine in the U.S. is transforming both economically and demographically. Surprisingly, the National Institute on drug Abuse states that new statistics support that  31-year old Cory Monteith suits the latest stereotypical heroin user profile ideally.

San Diego Medical Center ER Physician Dr. Richard Clark released this statement to NBC news regarding this modern take on typical heroin addicts:

“The stereotypical user on the street? That’s the past as far as heroin use in the U.S. is concerned. Lots of people are using it these days – kids, teenagers, white-collar workers.”

Clark explains that there are numerous reasons why heroin is becoming more and more popular. First of all when it comes to acquiring a high from an opiate- heroin is bar none the ‘best high’ of them all. Heroin reaches the brain rapidly and converts to morphine within 15 minutes of use.

In addition, it is readily accessible in abundance and much cheaper than many other well-known types of drugs. Although there was a decline in heroin use back in the AIDS cautious 80′s, these days heroin has become even more-so convenient and easy to smoke, snort, and inject.

Monteith’s heroin overdose has certainly proved to be an enlightening tragedy, especially for those that did not realize the severity of his addiction and substance abuse. However, he is not the first celebrity to have died from using heroin. In fact. great entertainers such as John Belushi, River Pheonix,  and Jim Morrison all suffered the same fate from their  misuse of heroin.

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Written by Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. She has an impressive portfolio as her works have been previously featured in several health journals and local newspapers in the Sunshine State. She takes health reporting to a new level with factual relation to what readers want and need to know . Having spent the last decade working all over the Internet as a freelancer writer, she is ecstatic that she has the opportunity to work with the Newhealthalert team to bring the best news, commentary, and information to the public on a global level.

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