Mediterranean Diet Found to Do the Brain “Good”

mediterranean dietThe latest study performed on the infamous and very trendy Mediterranean diet has provided proof that not only does the diet promote heart health, but it is very beneficial for cognitive health as well.

For a period over 6 years, over 1,000 individuals were studied by researchers from Spain. Research showed that those participants who followed the Mediterranean Diet tested higher in cognitive functions than those who only consumed a low-fat diet.

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry published the study last week.The study’s author Dr. Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez says,

“We found that a Mediterranean diet with olive oil was able to reduce low-grade inflammation associated with a high risk of vascular disease and cognitive impairments.”

Many people like the Mediterranean diet because the foods are easy and enjoyable to eat. Overall the diet has become popular because as Martinez states “It is pleasant, it is healthy, it is sustainable, and it is not very expensive.”

Dr. Martinez-Gonzalez feels that the study provides substantial evidence in regards to the positive impact that the Mediterranean diet has on the brain and cognitive functioning, although he does state that the study is not anywhere near without flaws.

“The quantity of the difference between the groups was small from a clinical point of view, but it was statistically significant.”

The Mediterranean diet consists of eating foods such as fish, beans and legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and vegetables and avoiding foods that contain bad fats and that are processed. All of the types of foods included in the Mediterranean Diet are known to have antioxidant properties that improve immunity, brain function, and vascular performance.

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Written by Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. She has an impressive portfolio as her works have been previously featured in several health journals and local newspapers in the Sunshine State. She takes health reporting to a new level with factual relation to what readers want and need to know . Having spent the last decade working all over the Internet as a freelancer writer, she is ecstatic that she has the opportunity to work with the Newhealthalert team to bring the best news, commentary, and information to the public on a global level.

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