Skin Protection is About More Than Daily Sunscreen

You probably know that you need to use sunscreen daily for maximum sun protection, but studies show that there is more to it than that.  Sunscreen by itself is excellent protection, but it’s not enough to keep the skin safe from damaging UV rays.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to get plenty of antioxidants, but how you get them makes a difference too.

Great skin protection involves more than just wearing sunscreen every day.

Great skin protection involves more than just wearing sunscreen every day.

In order for antioxidants to be truly effective, you should not just rub them on; you should make sure to eat plenty of them each day.

What works best, and how to get it

So far, the two different types of antioxidants that have been studied the most and have been found to be the most effective are vitamin C and vitamin E.  Many dermatologists are recommending vitamin A to their patients, as well as the nutrient called resveratrol.

Lycopene has been found to be effective in fighting the photoaging effects that many people experience from the sun.  According to Dr. Neil Sadick, MD, New York City dermatologist, many studies have found that antioxidants are effective at reducing the chances of developing skin cancer, as well as neutralizing free radicals that cause aging.

Dr. Sadick also notes that many studies prove that antioxidants consumed orally may be effective at decreasing the risk for other types of cancer, not just skin cancer, so he often recommends taking an internal and external approach to getting enough antioxidants.

Wear your antioxidants

After cleansing, apply antioxidant serum on your skin.  Then apply your SPF 30 sunscreen.  Don’t try to pack two in one, because the antioxidants in these sunscreen formulas have been found to be less effective than their one job counterparts.  Don’t just apply antioxidants in the morning, either, as they have also been shown to be a terrific way to offset some of the free radicals that sunscreens contain.

Eat them too

While you’re at it, make sure that you get enough antioxidants in your diet.  Blueberries, green tea, red wine and even tomatoes can be effective ways to get your antioxidant supply each day.  You can also incorporate supplements such as vitamin E, which has also been shown to help prevent sunburns with continued use, and vitamin A, which is excellent at encouraging cellular turnover.

There are many different types of antioxidant serums for the skin, and they come in many different price ranges; vitamin C serums tend to be more common, and are most often used because they can help to brighten sun damage that already exists and provide a radiant complexion.

Also, consider body lotions that contain vitamin C and vitamin E, as these will help you to protect your whole body, every single day.

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