Probiotics – a Healthy Way to Fight Stress

 There are many reasons why probiotics are a healthy way to fight stress. In most cases, probiotics are used to lower the cholesterol, for yeast infections and various types of cancer, to prevent the occurrence of some allergies, diseases of the liver, oxidative stress etc. Scientists have recently started creating a lot of studies based on a simple question- will probiotics help our mood and make us feel stress free, too? Recently, they came up with a quick and short positive answer. That means that probiotics might be even more useful than we thought they were, considering the fact they can help our mental health, too.

Some studies were made on animals, and they have shown that our mood and our anxiety can be caused because of bacteria in our body- in general, in our stomach.  Sometimes, the fast development of the bacteria can trigger mood changes and depression and the best way to prevent that from happening is to add probiotics in your regular diet.


A lot of doctors and researchers that have made a lot of effort to find out how exactly probiotics help our mood are still doubting what is the real answer to that question. However, they can give hypothetical answers based on their frequently renewed research. First and foremost, gut-brain signaling might be connected to probiotics and stress. The gut and the brain are related to one another, and that relation is valuable when it comes to proper functioning of the human’s gastrointestinal system and some certain human emotions.

Another thesis of doctors and researchers worldwide is that the bacteria and her anti-inflammatory role can help with human’s mood and emotions in general. Different theories are based on the fact that probiotics generate neurotransmitters that can have an effect in some parts of the central nervous system. Also, doctors have found out that glucose intolerance can cause depression. Probiotics regulate the blood glucose level, therefore, they can help some individuals prevent depression from happening. Probiotics also help you get rid of too much of the substance P, the neurotransmitter that can aggravate pain and inflammation.

It is for the best if you add probiotics to your regimen if you want to improve your emotive state naturally and get fast results. However, you must be careful and try to find probiotics that contain the good bacteria for the body. Another alternative for using probiotics and adding it to your diet would be with regularly drinking yogurt that contains the good probiotic bacteria, gouda cheese and buttermilk etc.

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Written by Lisa Cramer

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