The Mother of All SeroVital Reviews: Serovital Vs. SeroVital Alternative Genfx

GenFXSeroVital Reviews everywhere are referring to this popularly emerging anti-aging supplement as the new “fountain of youth” supplement of this generation.

Already the market is flooded with Serovital HGH supplements that promise to deliver life-altering results. However when it comes to purchasing an HGH supplement, it is important that you do as much research as possible on the manufacturer of the supplement to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth out of a quality product. Reading this “mother of all Serovital reviews” will provide you with all of the information that you need to know about this very talked about anti-aging supplement and also provide you with a comparison to a Serovital HGH alternative known as GenFX.

What is SeroVital HGH?

The main ingredient in Serovital that makes it so powerful is HGH (Human Growth Hormone.) HGH is a normal hormone produced inside the pituitary gland located in the human brain and distributed by the bloodstream throughout the body. After extensive research, studies suggest in SeroVital reviews that taking human growth hormone supplements can reduce the appearance of  wrinkles and fine lines, drastically reverse the signs of aging, generate muscle tone, disintegrate body fat, enhance mood, experience increased libido, and utterly erase years of aging to a person’s appearance.

Serovital Reviews: The Pros and Cons of Serovital HGH

Like with any product it is crucial that you know both the pros and cons of the product, if it is safe, what side effects may be associated with the product, and if the product as a whole offers you more benefits than adversities. Although serovital reviews  promise to give you the ‘big picture’, many of them remain biased in their opinions of this anti-aging miracle. However, we have performed extensive research on Serovital and have every bit of information you need before you purchase any brand of HGH supplement on the market.

The Pros:

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Marked disappearance of wrinkles
  • Mood improvement
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Body fat reduction
  • Boost in lean muscle mass
  • Fat reduction and weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Energy increase

The Cons:

  • Increase in allergies
  • Stomach distention and bloating
  • Loose bowel movements and diarrhea
  • Inflammation of the air ways
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Abdominal and flank pain
  • Gout
  • Abnormalities in blood work
  • Man boobs in men who take the supplement
  • Nausea

Although most brands of SeroVital supplements do not consist of synthetics, chemicals, unnatural ingredients,  or harmful stimulants –  most supplements sold do contain the ingredient known as Arganine. Although not much research has conclusively proven that arganine is unsafe,  there have been numerous side effects reported from users who have taken Serovital in higher doses. arganine is a derivative of nitric oxide which is proven to relax blood vessels, so it should not be taken with any blood pressure medications or if a person has underlying problems with their blood pressure levels.

Serovital HGH Alternative GenFX

If all of the Serovital Reviews online have not sold you on Serovital HGH as the right anti-aging solution for you, then there are numerous other types of anti-aging HGH supplements that can produce similar if not-better anti-aging results (without the negative effects.) One of the popular HGH brands available every where online is GenFX. GenFX is an alternative  HGH supplement that comes very highly recommended by physicians and health experts.

What Makes GenFX Different or Better than Serovital?

What makes it different or better than any other serovital supplement manufactured?

  • Doctor endorsed
  • Affordable
  • Risk-Free trial
  • Proven results
  • No side effects
  • No chemicals or fillers
  • Cheaper than Serovital
  • Deep discounts on bulk and free gifts
  • Premium quality
  • All natural ingredients

Serovital Reviews Bottom Line: Which is Better and Safer?

GenFX is a popular brand of HGH supplements that is triumphing the competition! GenFx has everything that other serovital supplements have on the market. However when compared with the most purchased brands of Serovital HGH products, it  definitely offers the customers as many benefits as the hyped Serovital HGH brands. So if you want the benefits of Serovital HGH without the heavy pricetag- then GenFX is a viable alternative that will deliver results and save you money.


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