Guys: Indicators that You May Be Lying

There are some physical indicators that you may be lying, and you don’t even know that you’re giving them off.  Research shows that those that prefer large physical spaces may also be likely to be dishonest.  One test took a look at those that drive cars that have roomier seats.  It found that those who preferred this type of vehicle were more likely to hit and run and double park in simulations, than their small seated counterparts.


There are signs that you may be lying.

There are signs that you may be lying.

Researchers also found that those that those that sit with their arms and legs crossed were less likely than those that sat with legs apart and hands on hips, to take money that didn’t belong to them.  The idea is that when people occupy large space and maintain open posture, you feel as if you have more power.  This sense of power can boost the sense of dominance and control, and both of these feelings often go along with behavior that is not quite honest.

So, maybe you’re not a liar exactly, but here are some more ways that people can tell when you might be choosing to be, well, less than honest:

-          You’re not gesturing at all.  Yes, guys – you do this.  You try to be casual, and you just stand there like a stick.  Here’s a hint, look at the flow of honest conversation.  People are relaxed and easy with their movements when they are having a “normal” conversation.

-          You pause – for a long time.  When you’re lying, you try too hard to make it sound convincing, so you pause for, like – ever.  Oh, and when you’re tossing out short answers, and take a long time to provide an answer; it’s a pretty clear clue that you’re honesty challenged.

-          Your eyes tell a story.  Yes, it is true that you do look a certain way when you’re trying to come up with an untruth.  When you look up and to the right, you’re inventing an answer.  Are you looking down and to the right?  You’re inventing a sound.  Truth tellers usually look to the left, up or down, it doesn’t matter.

-          You tighten your lips.  When you tighten your lips, it looks like an involuntary action that many use to keep them from saying things they shouldn’t.  When you suck on your lips, it may be that you’re holding anger back, so what are you not saying that makes you angry?

-          You gesture, way too much.  Another clue that you’re lying is when you start flailing around as if  you’re drowning – in your own story maybe.  A lot of times, if you’re lying to hide something, you might begin to feel angry, and clenching the fists and pointing fingers can be a strong indicator of the fact that your calm words aren’t what you’re actually saying.

The point is that even if you’re not a liar, someone you know might be lying to you.  Some lies, like how many women your best friend has bedded, can be harmless, but other lies can be costly to those that believe them, so knowing how to tell when a person is being dishonest can be a tremendous help in many cases.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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