Lipovarin Diet Pill – A Review

If you’ve ever heard of the Lipovarin Diet supplement and are considering using it to help you drop some weight and get that body, then you probably want to know what it’s all about, and if it’s going to be effective for your needs.   Many people have seen results with this supplement, and you might too, but you should always check into the active ingredients in supplements before choosing to take them.


Is Lipovarin a good diet supplement for you?

Is Lipovarin a good diet supplement for you?

Lipovarin – What is it?

Lipovarin is a supplement that is available in capsule form.  You take three capsules, twice daily, for optimal results.  The makers of this product claim that they can boost metabolism and decrease the amount of fat on the body.  Lipovarin also claims to improve the amount of lean muscle that the body has while increasing the amount of energy that a user has.  It is meant to be taken in the morning after breakfast, and once again at some point in the afternoon.

It contains active ingredients such as 7 Keto, caffeine and an ingredient called Advantra 7.  Lipovarin is said to work three fold by boosting the metabolism, burning fat and helping to suppress the appetite.

Does it work?

Many users of this supplement have reported positive results, and with active ingredients such as 7 Keto, and caffeine, it is likely that the metabolism does experience a significant increase.  When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, it is likely that you will experience results.

Potential risks

Many health care professionals are concerned with this diet supplement, and others that contain a derivative of bitter orange called Synephrine.  It is a stimulant that is similar in nature to ephedrine, and some worry that taking too much of products containing this ingredient has the potential to cause heart attacks and stroke.

It is also possible that you will experience sleeplessness, jitters, restlessness and irritability while taking this product, so you may want to adjust your dosage accordingly.

Should you try it?

For most people, it is likely that taking the product as directed for a short time will be helpful, however, long term use of stimulant products as a way to lose weight is never recommended, as stopping the supplements can cause people to regain weight that they have lost, and long term use can have serious negative side effects.

However, it is a cost effective option that might be helpful in kick starting a weight loss in some people.  If you aren’t sure if you should try this supplement, talk to your health care provider to determine if Lipovarin is a good option for you.

Written by Tony Clark

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