Top Trainer’s Tips to Keep that Beach Body All Year Long

You’ve finally gotten that gorgeous beach body.  You know what to eat; you know what not to eat and you’ve figured out how to maintain a tight, toned body.  You’re good to go – right?  Not so fast.  Many top trainers say that if you aren’t working to change your body, you might be in danger of going back to your old ways.  The terrific news is that you can keep your beach body all year long.


You finally have that beach body, now you need to know how to keep it.

You finally have that beach body, now you need to know how to keep it.

Maintain your beach body diet

Admittedly, it’s not nearly as easy to maintain that beach body diet in the fall and winter as it is to stick to it in the spring and summer when fresh produce is at its peak, but you can stick to it when you make a couple of tweaks.  For instance, choosing fruits and veggies that are in season in your area can keep you from becoming bored with your diet throughout the year.  Add seasonal produce to your meals and get creative in your cooking all year round to ensure that you’re getting the most nutrition possible, but stick to your usual guidelines for the best flat belly results.

Avoid the common fat traps

As the days cool off, it’s tempting to eat foods that are higher in fats and sugars, and this can all add up to a bit of weight gain under that sweater.  Stay svelte and sexy by avoiding the higher calorie and fat traps by sticking to healthy soups grilled meats and try to avoid pastas just like you always have.

Keep the latte at bay

Or at least stick to the skinny kind.  There is nothing more tempting on a cool morning than a hot, sweet latte to pick you up and get you going, but it can derail your diet and ruin your beach body – big time.  Avoid it, or at the very least, keep the latte on the skinny side, and enjoy a trim, tight tummy all year round.

Work out to change the body

If you’re not working to change your body, you’re simply maintaining, and that can cause you to become lazy with your workout.  When we work out frequently, we can develop muscle memory, which means that the quality of the workout might be lacking.  Keep things fresh and workout like you want to change your body.  Whether you’re working to tighten your tush, trim your thighs or sculpt your arms, making changes to your workout routine will ensure that you continue to see results and look just as spectacular as you’ve been looking all summer.

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