Can You Become Healthier By Becoming a Vegetarian?

We live in a society that compulsively over-eats. As the years have progressed from the 60’s, portions have grown larger and larger and so have the people. Increases in the popularity of fast foods are to blame, which has contributed to many health conditions including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and ultimately death.

In one year’s time, the general population consumes 220 pounds of extra meat per person a year. So, the question is, in a society that is obsessed with eating, how can you become healthier?

The problem with the average diet is an excess in fat and not enough intake of the foods that provide nutritional value. This is why if you are overweight, or just are striving to be healthy, you should consider becoming a vegetarian.

There are many varieties of vegetarian diets, which provide all the nutrition you need, and eliminate all the garbage in your diet, ultimately causing weight loss. Because high portions of fat and consumption excesses meat are the problem areas of the average people’s diet, why not eliminate them?

appleConsuming excess meat has a direct correlation between high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Granted, not all fats are bad, but most are. Vegetarian diets provide all the healthy fat that is needed for essential body functions but ultimately removes all of the excess causing excess fat burn.

This will not only benefit your overall health, but will assist you in loosing excess weight. You will feel healthier physically and mentally.

There are many vegetarian diets to choose from. There are three main vegetarian diets: lacto-ovo vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, and vegans. Lacto-ovo vegetarians consume both eggs and dairy products, but no meat. This diet provides all the protein of a regular diet, without the negative effects of consuming meat. Ovo vegetarians only consume eggs, and not dairy products. Vegans do not consume any animal products at all.

This has recently been found to be one of the healthiest diet options, but often times needs to be supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals. These diets are ideal for overweight individuals because of the fat burn that occurs as a result of the diet. However, these diets should not be used as crash diets, because the individual on the diet will gain the weight back soon after they go off of the diet. You should consult a physican before making any drastic changes in your diet, but these diets may be helpful in changing unhealthy life styles.

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