Krill Oil Boasts Many Health Benefits

Krill-OilThe headlines in many health journals, online medical media, and everywhere else are printing the various results of many studies that are confirming how beneficial taking a krill oil supplement can be for an individual’s personal health. However, people still are not acting on what could be one of the greatest medical findings in a nutritional supplement that exists. Krill oil is the valuable oil that is extracted from the tiny shrimp-like crustacean. It contains the three major vital elements that a human needs and requires to attain optimal health. Here are some of the many benefits that a person can derive from taking this nutritional supplement daily:

Brain health

Krill oil contains the potent anti-oxidant- astaxanthin that can prove very beneficial for brain health. People who have taken the nutritional supplement report feeling energetic, having an easier time focusing, and marked improvements in concentration. New studies have revealed that this superior marine oil can also alleviate symptoms for sufferers of ADHD.

Immune system boost

Marine oils contain powerful antioxidants and essential omega-3 fatty acids. These substances penetrate cell membranes and the body and provide a protective layer that serves as a shield against invading radicals that can result in illness and disease.

Cardiovascular health

More than 68 million American suffer from cardiovascular disease. If an individual does not have heart health they can be at risk for experiencing a fatal heart attack or even a stroke. One of the key krill oil benefits is its ability to lower bad cholesterol level and triglycerides. In addition, krill extract also levels blood sugar and blood fat. This reduces the factors that can cause heart disease.

Joint Health

1,000,000 individuals are diagnosed each year with arthritis. In the next decade this number is expected to skyrocket to nearly 20,000,000. Medical studies were performed on arthritis sufferers- they were given daily doses of a krill oil supplement. After the trial was complete, supplement users noticed a decrease in pain, symptoms, and inflammation.

Optical health

Extracted oil from krill contains two essential acids, which are DHA and EPA. Another key ingredient contained in marine oils is omega-3 fatty acids. All of these elements are crucial for optical health. They improve eyesight by targeting the retina. Studies have indicated that taking a supplement in the morning will result in the best krill oil benefits.

Krill oil benefits can have a significant impact on an individual’s health. This raved about crustacean oil is constantly being re-iterated in the medical media for it’s viable health capabilities. This marine oil is constantly being tested and studied to find the best attributes that taking a supplement of this caliber could have on human health, although presently there are far more krill oil benefits than benefits from other marine oils. In addition, krill oil does not have the inconvenient side effects that fish oil is well-known for having.

Written by Tony Clark

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