UTI Sufferers May Be Able to Skip Antibiotics

UTIA study performed by the Dutch has found that women may not need a course of antibiotics to treat their UTI symptoms or to cure their UTI (urinary tract infection.)

University of Amsterdam researcher Dr. Bart Knottnerus says, “In healthy people, many mild infections can be cured spontaneously.” However, other experts beg to differ on the studies findings.

The  2-year study published in the journal BMC Family Practice on May 31 took place from 2006-2008. It involved women who had sought medical attention upon experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of  a UTI’ (ie. painful urination, urinary urgency, burning, low abdominal pain,  and frequent urination.)

The women that had only been experiencing symptoms for less than a week  were asked to postpone taking any prescription antibiotics (excluding breastfeeding women, women who were pregnant, and those who were not at other risks.)

After the week’s end the women then reported their ‘health status” to the researchers. The study concluded that out of all of the women that  had participated in the study 71% had experienced either an improvement of their symptoms or a disappearance of their symptoms and discomfort entirely.

How could a  UTI possibly clear up without the use of antibiotics? According to Knottnerus,

 “Our defense mechanisms are strong and often do not need any help from antibiotics.”

Knottnerus also emphasizes the fact that this study only should relate to women who are not pregnant, who are overall very healthy, and also that were diagnosed with mild bladder infections.

If a woman is experiencing symptoms of a serious UTI such as chills, fever, and persistent flank pain they should seek medical attention as some UTI’s can evolve into serious kidney infections. Also Knottnerus added that although it is not proven if cranberry juice can cure a UTI, that many times taken cranberry supplements or drinking cranberry juice can help  to prevent a urinary tract infection.

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Written by Lisa Cramer

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