Drinking Water and Losing Weight Go Hand-in-Hand


A review done on numerous studies has concluded that indeed,  drinking water while dieting promotes greater weight loss.

Brenda Davy, Virginia Tech Professor remarked that when performing her research on the subject- that after asking participants to drink water before eating a meal that the results led to “enhanced weight loss results” in comparison to those who had not drank water before eating.

Charité University Medical Center Berlin in Germany Professor, Rebecca Muckelbauer performed  an evaluation of all of the studies as a whole found that increased water consumption did result in the participants losing weight in almost all 11 studies that she reviewed.

Experts still have not been able to clarify what it is about drinking water that helps people to lose more weight.

Some say it is because hunger cravings can be curbed by drinking water. Drinking water can make a person feel full- in turn Muckelbauer told Rueters Health,

“This may have helped them reduce their calorie intake.”

Muckelbauer also believes that satiation of appetite curbed by the water could definitely be a plausible explanation for the greater weight loss. However, she also explains that it could be a result of “water-induced thermogenesis.”

Water induced thermogenesis is a concept that she explained in this statement:

“Drinking water itself increases energy expenditure of your body. It has an energy consuming effect. This is not very well studied.”

In addition, she added that individuals consume on average 400-500 calories per day from drinking other beverages, and that calories could be spared by substituting those beverages with that of no-calorie water. In addition, drinking water frequently can aid the body in preventing UTI, kidney stones, kidney infections, and other illnesses due to not enough water intake.

Drinking a little more water never really hurt anyone, there is not much risk for recommending an increase in water intake and water has always been associated with benefiting the effects of weight loss. Whether it promotes more weight loss, or just enables the body to flush the pounds- water is never a bad idea.

However, Muckelbauer also states that:

“It will be helpful to have larger experiments looking at the potential weight loss benefits of adding more water to the diet.”

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Written by Lisa Cramer

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