MyFitnessPal App – A Review

For those that want to shed a few pounds and track their calories, MyFitnessPal, an app available for almost any smartphone and online can help to keep track of the foods they consume, and the exercise they get every single day.


MyFitnessPal is one fitness tool that will change the way you keep track of your calories.

MyFitnessPal is one fitness tool that will change the way you keep track of your calories.

Studies suggest that one of the easiest ways to lose weight is by keeping track of the calories people consume throughout their day.  Writing everything down in a notebook can be a challenge, so why not keep track on something you likely have with you all the time?

What is it?

MyFitnessPal is an app that is available for almost any type of smartphone out there.  It puts calorie tracking, goal setting and attainment, and exercise right at your fingertips so that you can actually keep track of the foods you eat and the activity you get as you go through your day.  No more making time to sit down and record your food choices in your journal.

This app does away with all the scary hassles of figuring out the calories of what you’ve just eaten, because there are literally thousands of food choices already pre-programmed into the app and if you want, and have the nutrition information on hand, you can enter your own foods easily.

They even take things a step further by providing information such as the amount of sodium, sugars and protein you’re taking in with your foods, as well.

It helps you to keep track of how much activity you’re getting, too.  Since all activities burn calories, you can keep track of as much or as little as you like, and it all goes onto your daily calorie count.  At the end of the day, you get to see how much you could weigh in about five weeks if you keep up your trends.

Should you use it?

Anything that is free and can help you to get in shape and lose weight is a pretty strong bet, and this is no different.  Just download the app, plug in your fitness goals and enter as much or as little information as you want to each day.  You can weigh yourself as much as you like to record your progress, and even have the chance to get in on the action with friends for even more weight loss fun.

All in all, it’s a fantastic app that functions well.  You can access it from anywhere at any time.  MyFitnessPal does not cause your smartphone to freeze up or get bogged down like many other apps, either, so it’s convenient and easy to use.

If you want to keep track of your calories and get in shape, then a little help never hurts, and MyFitnessPal might be just what you need to help you reach your goals.

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