Don’t Lose Your Nerves over Trivial Things

Handling stress might be very easy for some people, but for others, it is a complete nightmare. Some small, trivial things that usually go unnoticed may be the real trigger for the appearance of anxiety and stress in our lives.

For example, some people tend to lose their nerves over hypothetical things that might never occur. They keep on thinking what will happen if something bad occurs all of a sudden and that circle seems like it is never ending. What if I bought strawberry ice-cream instead of the chocolate chip cookie? What If somebody robs me on the way to work tomorrow morning? Hypothetical thinking can make us feel more anxious than ever, mostly because your mind can wander and come up with numerous thoughts that in most cases are totally unworthy thinking about. Because of that, it is for the best if we tend to stay and live in the present and not over think about the future. If we don’t, we will trap ourselves in a circle that will grow larger and wider and will never break up.


Another trivial thing that bothers many people is their appearance. We live in a society where people are self-conscious, worrying about looks more than anything else. They do not tend to focus on the real deal, the real you, something that goes deeper than the way our eyebrows are shaped, or the way we put on our make-up. If we try to stop worrying about appearances for at least a couple of days, we will find out that happiness comes from things that have more depth than people’s physical appearance.

Being late is also one of those trivial things that can cause issues between individuals on a daily basis. Being late on dates, meetings, college classes etc. is just an unwanted habit that a lot of people have. However, nobody’s perfect, so having traits like this is just a part of who you are, and others should acknowledge that about you, respect you and accept you the way you are, even though you should try and not lose your temper when somebody says you should change your way of functioning. Trying to improve and become a better person is always important.

Trivial things like counting calories we put in our body on a daily basis might be time consuming, too. We put restrictions in our life, we refuse to take a sip of Coke, or eat doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. We over think what we eat and we eventually become a counting machine of calories. Obsessing over what we eat will make us want to eat more and more and it will certainly not make us stop thinking about food over all. However, we should be worried about the things we consume, but we shouldn’t go to the point where we lose ourselves and become too captivated by the number of calories we put in our bodies on a daily basis.

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Written by Lisa Cramer

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