Guys: It’s Tempting to Cheat, but Consider These Things First

How many of you are in a committed relationship, but find that sometimes, it’s tempting to cheat on your significant other?  Maybe you’re out with the guys and this gorgeous unknown someone is just begging you for a one-nighter, but cheating can cause big, big problems.


It can be tempting to cheat, but you should think before you do it.

It can be tempting to cheat, but you should think before you do it.

Okay, first of all, you probably know that it’s normal to be tempted, and if you were to cheat, you wouldn’t be the first, or the last guy to do it.  But seriously, you’re above that.  And here’s why:

Reason #1:  Chances are; someone will find out, which means that she will find out.  And that means lots of unnecessary heartache, and potential devastation of your relationship.  Unless you’re ready to check out of the relationship, change your whole life, cheating just isn’t worth it.

Reason #2:  Boredom can be fixed.  So maybe one of the reasons you want to cheat is that you’re getting – um – bored in the bedroom.  Okay, it happens.  Why not try to talk to her a little bit and see if you can’t change things up a bit?  It’s pretty likely that she’s up for some changes, too.

Reason #3:  Leveling the playing field isn’t going to make things any easier, so don’t try it.  One of the worst times to cheat is after you’ve caught her cheating on you.  It’s fun in the moment, but if you’re trying to repair your relationship, this is a sure way to destroy it for good.

Reason #4:  All kinds of potential for hidden dangers.  You know you need to be protected, but in reality, how likely are you to make sure it happens, especially if you’re in the heat of the moment?  Skipping the condom can open you up to all kinds of diseases and illnesses, and if you’re eager to put the night behind you, it might not be so easy.  Especially if you’ve given your significant other something that requires medical attention.

Reason #5:  If you’re married and get caught having a fling, you’re going to lose – a lot more than just your wife.  Your house, retirement funds, half your assets…  It can all be gone in the blink of an eye, and what’s not split down the middle will likely be destroyed anyway.

Reason #6:  Do you honestly want to spend even one night with a woman that is okay with you cheating?  She knows your status, and she doesn’t care, so what does that actually say about her?

So, now that you have all the reasons not to cheat, are you going to be the guy that keeps temptation where it belongs and heads home to his love, or are you going to risk it, and your relationship, and your happiness; for one night?  Maybe it’s just not worth it.

Written by Tony Clark

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