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One of the best ways to lose weight and get super healthy is through clean eating.  In fact, one extremely successful diet, called the Clean Eating Diet, can help people to shed pounds, lose water weight and bloat, and get in the best shape ever.  If you aren’t sure that you want to commit to a diet plan, but like the concept of eating clean and being healthy, then these diet changes can help you to reach your goals.

Clean eating doesn't have to be hard, when you know these little short cuts.

Clean eating doesn’t have to be hard, when you know these little short cuts.

-          Limit processing.  So in other words, foods in their most natural state are optimal.  An apple, just as an apple is best, but Applesauce might be an acceptable substitute.  Just skip the fruit filled pastries.

-          If you choose to drink juices, they should be fresh squeezed.  Many juices contain high fructose corn syrup, which loosely translated, is just sugar, so eliminating it as much as possible is one of the keys to clean eating.

-          If you’re looking for a type of fruit to spread, preserves or spreadable fruit are much better options than jelly or even gelatin.

-          When it comes to canned fruits, you certainly should avoid them, but when you can’t choose options that are in their own juice.  Avoid heavy syrups, which cause the goodness of the fruit to break down.

-          When you need that really sweet treat, such as sandwich fruit cookies, you might be unknowingly sabotaging yourself.  Instead, go for the super sweet unprocessed whole food, such as figs.

-          When it comes to other types of produce, it’s best to buy the organic, unprocessed kind.  Yes, even when it comes to pre-washed and packaged.  You can also save money this way as the pre-washing and processing can be budget busting.

-          Cut your own veggies.  This keeps your foods entirely unprocessed, so you know more about what’s going into your mouth.  Plus, as we mentioned before, it’s much cheaper to buy whole produce instead of fruits and veggies that have been washed and cut.

-          Make your own – everything.  Yes, it might seem like it’s more of a challenge, but if you genuinely want to eat clean, it’s essential to make your own foods from scratch.  You can skip some steps, but this is the best way to control what you put into your mouth all the time.

When making the choice for clean eating, it can feel pretty daunting.  You want to do what’s right for your body and your health, and it’s pretty likely that you wouldn’t mind dropping a little weight either, but knowing what’s “clean” and what’s not can be a challenge at first.  Don’t give up.  With a little practice, you’ll find that you’re eating clean and feeling fabulous in no time.

Written by Tony Clark

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