Enjoy Coffee Your Way – But Make it Healthy

If you’re like many, you’re a coffee freak.  The trouble is that your coffee drink isn’t just the straight brewed black that your parents used to love.  Today’s coffee is filled with frothy sweetness and delightful syrups that offer a punch to keep anyone going, but they aren’t always healthy for us.  The thing is that coffee alone actually has many health benefits, so enjoying a cup of Joe in the morning isn’t a bad thing; you just have to know how to make it – and keep it healthy.


Coffee has many health benefits, but only if you enjoy it the right way.

Coffee has many health benefits, but only if you enjoy it the right way.

Consider taking it black

There are so many different types of coffee, and if you haven’t tried some of the high end home brews out there, this might just be the time to do it.  Black coffee has remarkably few calories, and the boost you get from just one cup can be enough to keep you going all day long.  Brewing from home is an excellent way to give coffee a try because you can choose how strong you want it to be.

Before you flavor it, try your coffee black.  Whether you drink it first thing in the morning, or after your breakfast, you might be surprised at the flavor of it.

If not black then…

So maybe black coffee is a little too strong for your tastes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.  Try adding some skim milk.  Coffee doesn’t have to be sweet, but if you like yours with a bit of sweetness, consider adding a little sweetener or even a bit of sugar is much healthier than the heavy syrups that coffee houses offer.

There are also some flavored coffee creamers that you can buy, but you should try to use them only in moderation.  Sugar free and low fat versions are the best bet.

Make it frothy yourself

You can even enjoy your favorite cappuccinos and lattes when you know how to do it.  Simply use skim milk, and reduce the sugar by keeping things sugar free when possible, or using an alternative.  You can make your own mocha by choosing sugar free syrup, too.  Skip the whipped cream, as this treat can have many diet busting calories.

Keep an eye on calories when enjoying your frothy treats, though, and only enjoy them in moderation, because they do contain many more calories than their less dressed up counterparts.

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