This One Trick Can Help you Lose Weight

If you knew that there was one trick that could help you lose weight, would you do it?  If you’re one of the many that diets and exercises, and still isn’t seeing results, then you need to read this:  Studies show that people that go to bed earlier actually can lose weight – simply by sleeping.  Now you might have heard this before, but if you’re working to shed some pounds and get in shape, then this may be some of the best information you’ve gotten.


Sleeping is one trick that can help you to lose weight - and it's easy to do.

Sleeping is one trick that can help you to lose weight – and it’s easy to do.

In fact, sleep is so crucial that many health care providers now ask their patients how much sleep they are actually getting.  Not enough sleep can cause many different problems, including higher levels of stress, elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, high blood pressure, and even heart problems over time.  Lack of sleep can cause depression and anxiety as well, and when people are tired, they are less likely to work out, and exercise is essential for a healthy body.

Going to bed early works in two ways

When you go to bed earlier, you’re helping yourself to lose weight in two ways:  you help to ensure that you’re getting enough regenerative sleep that your body needs.  Being well rested helps the body to fight stress and regenerate overnight.  This regeneration process helps to keep people looking young, allows the body to heal more easily and helps the brain to ease stress naturally.

Getting enough sleep helps to reduce the amount of cortisol the body makes, and may help to reduce that hard to fight belly fat, which is where “stress fat” can come from.  But some suggest that only sleep can actually reduce it, so getting a solid seven to eight hours a night is essential.

Not only does sleep itself have health benefits, but in one study, researchers found that those that stay up late can eat as much as 500 calories more than those that go to bed earlier.  The fact is that when most of us stay up late, we are looking for more high-calorie goodies to snack on – and that’s the hardest weight to burn off.

How you can get plenty of sleep

The problem for many is that sleep doesn’t always come easily.  It seems that we worry about so many things, and many different environmental factors affect how sleepy we really feel that we just don’t get the sleep we truly need.

Instead of staying awake until your eyes want to slam shut, work on a relaxation routine every night.  About an hour before bed, turn off the television and other electronic devices.  Use this time to relax; meditate, write in a journal or read.

A daily workout can help you to sleep.  The idea here is that you’re burning off the adrenaline that stressful events often cause, and giving your body time to relax and wind down, so you begin to feel tired.

Eating right will help you to sleep, as well.  Avoid caffeine in its many forms before bed, and skip the snacks, which can cause stomach upset and make it difficult to sleep.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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