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In the interest of sharing information about diet and workout, I thought I would share a little about P90X.  I workout and I’ve tried almost every type of workout program out there.  You name it; I’ve done it, but I have never – and I mean never – seen results with any workout program like I have seen with P90X.


If you're looking for a workout program that really works, consider P90X.

If you’re looking for a workout program that really works, consider P90X.

This program actually works.  Okay, it’s hard.  At first, it’s terribly hard, but here’s the thing, if you do it like you should (I even have to skip the occasional couple of days), you will begin to see results – and it will be fast.  Want to start seeing definition in your legs in just a couple of weeks?  Yeah, you’re going to see it here.

Want to know what it’s like to have a stronger, sexier, more sculpted core in no time?  You guessed it – P90X can help you to get it.  And your arms are going to be stronger, leaner and have more definition than you ever thought they could.

Now, when I first did when through the program, I didn’t try to diet or anything.  I wanted to see what kind of results I could achieve without dieting.  So, I saw results – like three inches off my derriere in just about a month.  And at the end of the program, I had lost 4.5” from my tush!

So, I decided to take it to the next level and see what I could do.  I didn’t lose inches, but then, I didn’t really diet either.  I chose to do the lean routine and see what happened.  This time, I didn’t notice too many changes, but I did notice everything starting to get tighter.  My abs, which I had never seen so defined, have finally started to show and flatten.  I am now stronger, more fit and ready to take on the next time around.

This time, I’m going to work on my diet and combine it with the workout.  I want to see what else I can do, and since P90X never seems to get old or tiresome, I know that I’ll be working hard every single day.  I know I’ll see phenomenal results; I’ll be fit, firm and in the best shape of my life – for life.

I can’t say that P90X is going to be a workout to end all workouts for everyone.  It might be too hard; it might be too time consuming, but if you truly want to see changes and feel terrific every single day, then I would say that P90X is one of the best workouts available today.  Do it, tweak it, and choose your routine, but enjoy it – because you’re going to get the body you want with this program.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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