Pedometers: Low Cost Solution For Laziness and Inactivity

pedometersA new study has concluded that individuals can be motivated to sit less and perform more activity by wearing pedometers (devices that can track physical activity by keeping count of the footsteps made by a person.)

This research performed by the University of Indiana showed that this is definitely beneficial for those who work behind desks and have jobs where there is little movement involved.

Pedometers are also inexpensive  devices that are able to target those in large groups. So employers can motivate their employees to use them to promote better physical health and a person can get them as a way to motivate themselves to get more physically active.

Indiana University associate instructor, Saurabh Thosar who also helped conduct research from the study reported in a University press release that:

“Even if somebody works out 30 minutes a day, the fact that they’re sitting and not moving for long periods of time for the rest of the day is, in and of itself, detrimental to their health and well-being, physiologically.”

The study involved 22 women and 4 men aged 40-66 that wore a pedometer for a time-frame of 12 weeks. The pedometer which only costs $30 tracked the participant’s leg movements daily. These pedometers could be linked to an individual’s computer so that data could be collected from each individual’s progress and broken down graphically for researchers to analyze.

Researchers who collected that data each week for 12 weeks encouraged those less active to move around more. In addition, the researchers also provided participants with  2 weekly emails that contained advice and tips on exercise and nutrition.

As a result of this study, those individuals both women and men experienced an average weight loss of 2.5lbs in the course of the  12-week study.

Co-author of the study , Jeanne Johnston remarks:

“This is a very simple intervention that can reach a large number of people at a low cost. As companies and communities develop programs to increase physical activity and positively impact health parameters such as weight, there is a need to think of the associated costs.”

The main idea of the study encouraged is that the pedometer is a low cost solution to laziness and lack of physical activity that can be utilized to motivate individuals to make grave changes in their lifestyles. This can be especially beneficial to targeting those in large groups to become more physically active through wearing the low-cost pedometers along with providing them personal incentives, education, and the utmost opportunity to improve their physical well-being.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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