Neti Pots: Effective For Naturally Treating Sinus Problems

neti potSinus problems can cause an array of uncomfortable affects for people, and for years now sufferers have relied on medicines and certain practices to cure and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with them. However, just recently an old treatment for sinus problems has been proven successfully therapeutic for helping relieve the discomforts of clogged nasal passages through the simple method of   saline irrigation.

There are many various types of nasal irrigation methods, however there is one that is making a great comeback- the Neti pot. The Neti-pot is not a new concept, however since its re-debut on the Oprah Winfrey show and consistent media attention, the Neti pot is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States as  the choice therapy for sinus problems.

What Makes the Neti Pot So Effective for Treating Sinus Problems?

When a person undergoes any type of sinus surgery, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists) physicians always recommend the use of nasal irrigation using the Neti Pot to clear the passages of the nasal cavity. The practice has caught on as now more and more people are using the neti-pot to alleviate the pressure and congestion that can occur in nasal cavities as a result of allergies, sinus infections, and other related sinus problems causes.

The Neti-pot works to break up and thin down mucus and debris that can block the nasal passages and cause uncomfortable side-effects. Cilia are small hair-like substances that align the nasal cavity. The neti-pot works on the premise of enabling these cilia to move thoroughly to-and-fro freely so that they perform their job better by pushing out allergens, debris, and mucus either via the throat or when the nose is blown.

Many people seek out nasal irrigation therapy in order to avoid the use of medications to treat sinus issues, but they also can use nasal irrigation to supplement the use of medicines in providing them relief from sinus problem symptoms.  The Neti-pot is becoming a sure-fire natural way to alleviate sinus problems and provide the user with comfort from sinus related congestion, pressure, and pain.


Written by Tony Clark

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