What’s Causing Your Sleepless Nights?

If you’re one of many that struggle with sleepless nights, it’s likely that the only thing you truly want to do is figure out how to fix it and, well…  Go to sleep.  In order to fix your sleep troubles, you have to learn to identify the cause of them first.  Only when you know what’s causing you to lose sleep can you begin to get the sleep you so desperately need.  Below are some leading causes for insomnia.


Do you know what's causing your sleeplessness?

Do you know what’s causing your sleeplessness?


Stress can cause you to wake up from a sound sleep, or it can cause you to struggle to get to sleep.  Either way, stress is a significant cause of sleeplessness, and it’s a vicious cycle, too.  You’re feeling stressed and can’t sleep, so you’re tired the next day, which causes you to feel more stressed.

Knock stress out by taking the time to write in a journal, take a walk or work out, meditate, take a bath in lavender oil, or spend time with your family.  Whatever your de-stressing trick, make sure to enjoy it each day, and you’ll likely have an easier time sleeping.

Too much caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine throughout the day, even in the form of chocolate can really mess up a sleeping schedule, so reducing your caffeine intake can certainly make a difference.  Don’t drink any type of coffee drink after early afternoon, and cut back on anything else with caffeine, too.


Chronic pain, or any type of pain, for that matter, can cause people to lose sleep.  Even pain in a toe can be enough to make a person wake up from a sound sleep.  Depending on the source of the pain, different treatments may be available to help reduce the feeling, so you can start sleeping better.

Not enough exercise

Often, people don’t realize that not getting enough exercise can make sleeping pretty tough.  It might be that a sedentary lifestyle simply isn’t helping you to become tired enough to sleep well.  By becoming more active, you might find that you can sleep comes much more easily.

You don’t have to start a full workout program if you’re not ready either.  Going on a family walk, or playing ball with the dog can make a tremendous difference and help you sleep better.

Fluctuations in temperature and too much light

In short, your environment can play a major part in how well you’re likely to sleep.  Some people struggle to get to sleep if there is too much light in the room.  Others get too hot or cold.  The key to a truly great night of sleep is to make sure that your space is exceptionally comfortable, so turn that clock around, cool off the room, or add a blanket and get comfortable.

When you can identify the source of your sleeplessness, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get the sleep you need to look, feel, and perform your very best.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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