The Master Cleanse Diet Review: Old School Detoxing

master-cleanse-diet_1-20110415-090116Before detox diets, fasting fad diets, and colon cleanse supplements became a popular way to lose weight, there was a doctor by the name of Stanley Burroughs that developed what is often referred to as “the master cleanse diet” or the lemonade diet.You may have heard of it before, however it was the ultimate detox diet that paved the way as what we now recognize as the detox diet revolution. And back then tons of people lost weight when they never were successful before! However, decades ago health experts were skeptical of the manner at which the masters cleanse enables weight loss and the constant controversy of fasting in this manner became the focus overriding the diets potential for improving health and promoting impressive weight loss results.

What is the Master Cleanse Diet?

The master cleanse diet consists of flushing the system of toxins that cause weight retention, digestive issues, bloating, lethargy, and more. It yields numerous benefits for the body including promoting digestive health, colon health, energy increases, and the ultimate bonus of massive weight loss in short time.

People have been drawn to the diet for ages because most participants experience a plethora of benefits- including the most impressive 1-2 lb a day weight loss. However- some of the master cleanse diet is not all that glitters. Including the profound effects of performing salt water flushes and drinking laxative teas. Get the picture yet? The majority of the diet on mornings you will spend in the bathroom as everything is flushed out of you in mass amounts.

In addition, when a person is on the master cleanse diet the only intake of calories is  a liquid based “Lemonade formula:

  • Lemonade- fresh squeezed lemons
  • Water
  • Maple Syrup: grade B or organic
  • Cayenne pepper

and what is known as the dreaded “salt water flush” that is taken daily and chugged

  • Uniodized sea salt
  • Warm water

and laxative tea:

  • Smooth Mooves Senna

The process of the master cleanse:

Drink as much lemonade juice as you want. One salt water flush per day and drink senna laxative tea in the evening. Fast, no solid foods allowed, no alcoholic beverages, no nicotine or over the counter medicines. The duration of the cleanse can last from anywhere from 3-7 days to 40  days at most.

The Pros of the master cleanse diet:

  • Increased energy
  • Clear skin
  • Weight loss
  • Flat stomach
  • Overall health improves
  • Detoxify colon and digestive organs
  • Cheap, effective diet
  • Super fast weight loss 35-40lbs in 6 weeks

The cons of the master cleanse diet:

  • Hunger, cravings, and temptation to eat solid food
  • Sore buttocks due to bathroom visits
  • Nausea temporary because of the salt water flush
  • Headaches from withdrawals from caffeine and solid food
  • Fatigue from lack of nourishment

Bottom Line:

For decades now the master cleanse diet has been the popular standby for brides who want to get slimmer before their wedding, and also for a quick weight loss solution. Even Beyonce Knowles lost 10lbs in a week using it to trim down for a movie. Although it is shot-down by many skeptics as being an unhealthy and very temporary weight loss solution, the master cleanse still  assists many dieters in losing weight fast while promoting the numerous benefits that detox/colon cleanses have been attributed for producing.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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