Your Healthiest Fourth of July Ever

Many people don’t consider the Fourth of July as a time to push the “restart” button, but this mid-summer holiday is one of the best times to regroup, reconsider, and restart your life.  Summer is fun, but all that vacationing, playing, eating and drinking can be enough to un-do even the most dedicated health enthusiasts.  So, why not make sure that your July Fourth festivities are healthy and fun, and recharge your wavering health goals?


You can have the healthiest Fourth of July ever.

You can have the healthiest Fourth of July ever.

Get some exercise – every day

Even on party days, you should still make sure to get some exercise.  It will help to keep you from feeling stressed and fatigued, and the boost to the metabolism can’t hurt, either.  Before you head off to the high calorie holiday party, consider going for a brisk walk, or getting up early to work out.  You’ll feel better, and you’ll make healthier food choices – even when all those goodies are staring you down.

Supply festivities with “healthy” foods

Whether you’re hosting the party, or you’re invited to one, it doesn’t have to cost a lot extra to make sure that you’re providing quality, healthy foods.  It’s for you and your family, but it’s also a lovely treat for others.  Don’t have the budget for a fruit salad?  Buy a watermelon and slice it.  Quarter slices for easy storage in the fridge, and to stretch the portions.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are often inexpensive as well, but they are often favorites, so consider the many things you can do with these goodies.  Slice some cucumbers make some salsa or even provide healthy toppings for burgers.

Instead of ranch dip that can go rotten in heat, consider hummus with pita chips, and fresh salsa with whole grain tortilla chips.

Stay protected

It can be easy to forget about protection when you’re at a Fourth of July party, but making sure to have sun screen and bug spray can help to keep the whole family safe, so make sure to have plenty on hand, and don’t forget to reapply often.

You don’t just need bug spray in park or wooded environments, either.  A well manicured back yard can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bugs, so be sure to have repellent on hand.

Hydration matters

For most of us, a Fourth of July party just wouldn’t be a party without some beer, wine and cocktails, but when you’re partying in the heat, it’s easier than you might think to become dehydrated.  Consuming alcohol in hot weather can cause dehydration quickly, so be sure to drink a bottle of water between drinks.  You’ll be less likely to have a hangover on the fifth, too.

Use fireworks safely

Fireworks and sparklers can be immense fun, but they can also cause serious injury.  So, be sure that you use these things wisely.  Don’t allow small children to hold sparklers as they can cause severe burns, and always make sure that children of all ages are with a responsible adult when choosing to use sparklers and/or fireworks of any kind.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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