Migraines linked to blood and heart vessel problems

Migraines can be extremely painful and last days. Much about the cause of migraines is not understood, but genetics and environmental factors seem to both play a role. There are triggers that can help prevent migraines along with medication. Some of the triggers include:

Migraines may be a sign of greater health problems.

•Hormonal changes in women. Estrogen seems to trigger headaches. Women often report that they have had a migraine before or during their period. They seem to increase in menopause or pregnancy. Oral contraceptives and hormonal replacement therapy may worsen migraines.

•Food. Some foods trigger migraines such as chocolate, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol. Skipping meals or fasting can trigger an attack.

•Stress. Whether it is at home or work, it can cause migraines.

•Sleep. Too much or too little in some people can start a migraine.

•Sensory stimuli. Sun glare, bright lights and even loud sounds along with scents and smells can trigger an attack.

Women that experience migraines with flashing lights and other visual components may be at a higher risk for blood and heart vessel problems, according a study presented on Wednesday at the American Academy of neurology’s 65th Annual Meeting.

An additional study that was presented at a conference in San Diego, found that women taking some of the newer types of hormonal contraceptives with similar migraine with aura are potentially at a higher risk for developing blood clots.

Mirgraines with aura often present or begin with seeing flashes of light or blind spots. Others will experience a tingling hand or face. According to Mayo Clinic, it is often treated with the same drugs that are used to treat regular migraines.

According to Web MD, migraines with aura actually represent fewer than 20 percent of all migraine cases. Risk factors for experiencing this type of migraine include being overweight and genetics.

In the first study, over 27,800 women were examined as a part of the Women’s Health Study. Over 1,400 of them experienced aura migraines. In the time of the 15 year study, over 1,000 cases experienced heart attack, stroke and even death from cardiovascular events. Aside from high blood pressure, aura migraines were the second largest risk contributor to heart attacks and strokes.

If you start with a migraine you can try to lie down in a dark room, play some calming music, drink a small amount of caffeine and put a cold ice pack or washcloth on your forehead.

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