The Top 3 Weight Loss Trends in the United States for 2013

In-Good-Weight-Loss-DietThe year is almost over and already 2013 has enlightened us in many facets of weight loss trends and dieting. Dr. Oz is still going strong as one of the leading advocates of new diets introduced to the United States, however he also always emphasized the importance of eating healthy and exercise. Seems like he has got his stuff straight, because the top 3 weight loss trends we will be discussing here have to do with the elemental basics of dieting that most people are already aware of.

Top #1  of 2013 Weight Loss Trends: Snacking Choices

As per a study performed by the University of Beijing in the “Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics” the way we think about snacking is about to change. In fact, frequent snacking was highly linked to nutrient dense snacks. This is the exact opposite of the the typical stereotype placed on snackers-”that all who snack choose “junk foods with no nutritional value.”

So the overall point here is that, like we already know- it is all about what we choose to snack on that matters in our diets and weight loss endeavors. Snacking could be the solution to your weight loss woes- but be careful about what you put in your body. Also snacking often curbs cravings, hunger, is less calories, keeps insulin levels balanced, and charges the body’s metabolism.  So it is no wonder that this study concluded that “A key finding is that ‘people who eat snacks have healthier diets.”

Top #2 of 2013 Weight Loss Trends: Eating More Often by Mini-Meals

More and more diet plans are utilizing the mini-meal factor in order to help people to break their weight loss plateaus and lethargic metabolisms. Mini meals consist of a person eating regularly every 2-3 hours with lower caloric foods, smaller ideal food portions, and periodically to consistently provide the body with energy. Need some proof that mini-meals work for weight loss and weight maintenance?

“The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported research that followed 30 thousand men over a sixteen-year period and found that those who ate just two meals a day had a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes.”

Body Builders and weight trainers have sworn by eating more mini-meals throughout the day. However, it is now beginning to sink into the public as mini-meal diets are becoming more and more popularly accepted by Americans. The premise behind mini-meals makes perfect sense eat healthy smaller meals, keep the blood sugar levels balanced, keep the body fueled, the metabolism on its toes- and experience overall better health benefits.

Top #3 of 2013 Weight Loss Trends: Getting Portion Sizes Down to a Science 

Most recently with the new labeling of fast-food menus, and other types of nutritional guidelines coming into play around the Government’s intention to combat obesity, portion sizes of the foods we eat have become a massive concern. Portion sizes are outrageous, and Americans have lost all reality to the accurate measurements of food and nutritional values we should be taking in daily.

With this new-found interest- people are slowly getting the bigger picture. Why are we so fat? Clearly because we are gluttons! Or…better yet some can chalk it up to non-education on the most accurate portion sizes. This year there has been more focus placed on educating the public on taking the time to measure food, count calories, and cut down on how much food we are choking down per meal.

When it comes to losing weight, it all boils down to lifestyle. Any diet can enable you the miracle of weight loss, however how often after a few months of stopping a diet do you find yourself right back where you started with x-amount of weight to drop again? Yes… we have all been there! So when it comes to these weight loss trends for 2013  seems as if America is finally cutting to the root of our obesity problems, and reintroducing “common sense dieting tactics” to their weight loss endeavors.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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