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When you want to live healthier and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, it often comes down to the way that you shop.  The grocery store contains many different goodies that can be terrific for the body, or downright unhealthy for the body.  Some products are loaded with trans fats, cholesterol, sugar and sodium – all of which can sabotage a healthy diet and leave you feeling and looking less than your best.


Learning to shop smarter at your favorite grocery store can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Learning to shop smarter at your favorite grocery store can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why learning to shop smarter can be your number one tool when it comes to living, and eating healthy.  Try these tips the next time you’re at the grocery store:

-          Never shop on an empty stomach.  Research shows that grocery shopping while you’re hungry can lead you to make poor food choices.  When you’ve eaten before you shop, you’ll be able to make healthier choices and stay on track.

-          Learn to shop the outer perimeter of the store is a fantastic way to stay on track with a healthy diet.  Fresh produce, organic, grass fed meats and organic, low fat dairy are all parts of a healthy diet, and they can all be found at the outsides of your grocery store.  Avoid the middle aisles, which often contain processed foods that are high in sugar, preservatives and fat.

-          Choose to try many different types of foods that you might not ordinarily.  Instead of mashed potatoes from a box, consider making roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon as a side dish.  Different types of produce work exceptionally well in many different ways, so it makes sense to plan to eat something different at least once a week.

-          Find recipes that use less meat.  Organic, free range and grass fed meats can be pretty expensive, but you can make impressive, healthy meals with less meat and that can keep you eating healthier while sticking to your budget.

-          Don’t forget to buy your seafood – and do it when it’s on sale.  There are many different kinds of fish and seafood, but if you’re new to it, you might not be keen on the “fishy” smell and taste that it can have.  Start with fatty fish, such as trout and salmon, and buy it when it’s on sale.  Then find some fun recipes and see what you can create.  Trout and salmon, as well as sardines, are high in Omega-3 Fatty acids, which are excellent for the body, so eating fish that are high in it at least once a week is one of the best ways to ensure you get enough.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can be difficult to adopt, but when you learn how to be a smart shopper and make healthy decisions about the foods you eat, you’ll find that your lifestyle changes are easier than you imagined they could be.

Written by Tony Clark

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