Top Healthy Foods for Springtime

Springtime is a great period for healthy eating. Spring is the season of delicious, healthy foods that will make us feel more energized after the long nights in the cold, winter period.  Apart from all the green vegetables that we should consume more often, especially in spring, we should also consider changing our diet a little bit more and add some other healthy foods to it. For example, at this time of the year, eggs are a great protein source, especially because it is very easy to digest the egg protein. Also, eating some season fruits like berries seems like the perfect way to mix up our diet, mostly because berries act like antioxidants that fight against many cardiovascular diseases and a lot of types of cancer.

Springtime is also known for a great season for a lot of other foods that we should add to our diet in order to prevent minor health conditions that can occur in spring, especially because of the rapid change of the weather. Some of those foods are microgreens, broccoli and broccoli sprouts, fiddlehead ferns, ramps, strawberries, bee pollen etc.


Microgreens are actually the greens but in a younger stadium. They are a great source of many vitamins, mostly vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A (that can also be found in tomatoes). Their flavor is unique and stronger than the flavor of greens.

Broccoli sprouts are extremely healthy vegetables that have a greater density than the broccoli in the older stadium. Some research had shown that broccoli sprouts should be regularly used in the diet of people that suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Unlike other vegetables, fiddlehead ferns are not available for a long period of time. These green vegetables are full of phosphorus that is very useful for the muscles, generally helping when the tissue needs to mend or heal.

Just as the fiddlehead ferns, ramps are also available for a short period. Ramps are wild onion shoot that are an amazing source of vitamin A. Vitamin A should be consumed for our eyesight and an easier digestion, mostly because they protect our bodies from a lot of germs that can easily weaken our body and make us more vulnerable to the climate changes that occur in springtime.


Strawberries are fruits that belong in the berry group of fruits. They are high on vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the body from cancer. Also, strawberries increase the level of HDL. HDL is the cholesterol that needs to be balanced and kept at a reasonable level. Apart from that, strawberries are useful for people that have a higher blood pressure, because they prevent the occurrence of instability in our blood pressure and they keep it on a lower level.

Bee pollen helps our immunity and keeps us feeling energized and strong for a longer period of time. By consuming bee pollen we reduce the chance of getting respiratory tract infections, too. Bee pollen should be consumed in the morning.

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