Debunk Your Migraine: 5 Foods that Trigger Migraines


Did you know one of the main causes of periodical and chronic migraines could be the food that you are eating? There are chemicals and substances in certain foods that can cause a slight allergic reaction which can be the precursor for what becomes a migraine. New Health Alert has gathered some of the top foods that may be causing you the migraines that you have come to dread. Here are foods that can trigger migraines:

~Chili Peppers: Chili Peppers are often used in scientific studies and research to offer information on migraines and to cause them purposely. These notorious hot peppers contain a substance/property known as Capsaicin (the hot spice) which has been commonly linked to causing migraines.

~Foods with MSG: MSG also known as Monosodium glutamate is a substance found in many types of foods that are processed. However, the main foods containing MSG is Chinese food. MSG is associated strongly with the onset of migraines in individuals who have a sensitivity to the substance. MSG can cause allergic reactions such as: hives, itching, migraines, dizziness, chest pressure, and stomach ache. Most individuals experience these types of symptoms within one hour or two from consuming any food containing MSG.

~ Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol is a natural diuretic, and as everyone recognizes their hangovers after a full night of partying- the headache associated with an alcohol binge or hangover is typically caused by dehydration. Dehydration iscan cause what are known as dehydration headaches, add the fact that yeast is present in most types of alcohol- and you have a double dose of migraine triggers.

~ Artificial Sweeteners: There has been long debates about the integrity and adverse health affects of artificial sweeteners that contain aspartame. Aspartame has been studies extensively, and is known for its many side effects including that of triggering migraines and also causing some sorts of cancers. It is best to choose a natural sweetener such as Stevia or go with agave or honey when watching calories and sugar content in foods and beverages.

~ Cold Foods: This type of headache is usually felt in the middle of the forehead, but for migraine sufferers this pain can be felt in areas that are affected during a migraine. For people prone to migraines, it can be the beginning of a full-fledged attack.

“According to The Cleveland Clinic, more than 90% of migraine sufferers say they have to be cautious with cold foods and drinks.” – Web MD

Suffering from one migraine, let alone chronic migraines can impact not only one’s health- but also a slue of other facets of a person’s life. Migraines are considered to be one of the most severe headaches a person can deal with. There are all sorts of causes for them such as prior head traumas, hereditary causes, underlying health conditions, and more. However, more people than not experience migraines as a result of something that they encountered right before their headache/migraine has occurred (food triggered.) However, if you regularly experience migraines it is important that you seek medical attention, because migraines or a severe headache could also be a very serious sign of a stroke or other fatal health issue.


Written by Tony Clark

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