Supplements that Every Woman Should Take

When it comes to taking supplements, it can be a little confusing.  How much should you take?  Is it essential?  What happens if you take too much?  These are common questions that almost every health conscious woman has and, while a yearly check up is recommended, the topic of supplements might not come up when you see your doctor.


Supplements might be essential, but what do you really need?

Supplements might be essential, but what do you really need?

Here’s the thing:  women need certain nutrients.  Supplements have many benefits; they balance hormones, provide essential energy, boost immune systems, help to maintain that essential regularity and support healthy bones, and that’s not all.  So, what do you really need to be taking right now?

-          Iron.  You might know it’s essential, but if you don’t have enough iron, you could be tired all the time and be short of breath when you do activities that shouldn’t cause it.  Unless your doctor recommends it, though, you don’t necessarily need to take extra as long as you eat plenty of lean red meat, turkey, fish, beans and whole grains.  Don’t forget the spinach, either!

-          Magnesium.  You might not know it, but there are over 300 body functions that depend on this mineral.  It keeps the nerves and muscles functioning properly – and that includes the heart.  It can also help boost serotonin receptors, and that can have a positive impact on your overall well being.  You can get it in foods like okra, nuts, unrefined seeds and some types of beans.

-          Calcium.  It doesn’t need to be said how important calcium is to the body.   Not only does it help to keep bones strong, it helps with muscle function, as well.  You can find it in yogurt, milk, cheese and even spinach.

-          Biotin.  This mineral helps to form blood sugar and fatty acids, and this equates to energy for the body.  It is also good for strong nails and hair, which is why many people take it.  You can find it in foods like avocado, raspberries and cauliflower.

-          Vitamin A.  This little essential helps to ensure that the eyes, immune system and skin function properly.  You can find it in lots of veggies; such as tomatoes, orange and yellow veggies, dairy products and fish.  It can also be found in supplement form.

-          Folate.  Women of child bearing age should make sure to have enough of this mineral because it helps to produce new cells and maintain the cells that exist.  Benefits to babies aside, folate has been shown to help fight certain types of cancer.  Find it in leafy greens, beans and fruit; or consider a supplement of folic acid.

-          Vitamin C.  Not only does this essential help to boost the immune system, it helps to repair bones, teeth and body tissues.  It also helps the body to make collagen, which is essential for every tissue in the body.  Find it in citrus fruits, broccoli and red pepper.  Or consider supplements.

-          Omega 3.  This is a great nutrient to have enough of because it helps to lower high blood pressure and maintains proper brain function.  Find it in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna, as well as nut and plant oils.

These are just a few of the essential nutrients that every woman should make sure that they have enough of, but you might find others such as B vitamins, vitamin D, melatonin, Coenzyme Q10, probiotics, and grape seed extracts are a great addition to your daily routine, as well.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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