Despite the Health Benefits of Yoga, It might Be Necessary to Add Something Else

Everyone is talking about the health benefits of Yoga, but is it the only workout that a person needs?  According to Shape magazine, while there are many different benefits to discover, there might also be a need for different exercises as well.


Yoga has many benefits, but might be most effective when supplemented with other activities

Yoga has many benefits, but might be most effective when supplemented with other activities

Before taking out of the routine all together, it’s important to consider the benefits of a regular Yoga routine:


-          It’s great for your sex life.  Yes, it’s been said and should be considered because what’s the point in looking great and feeling great if you’re not enjoying some of that?  Yoga has actually been shown to stimulate the body’s production of testosterone, and that adds up to a better intimate relationship.  The added testosterone can also help when it comes to guys that have Low T.

-          It’s great for the heart.  No, it’s not cardio exactly, but doing Yoga regularly can help to lower the blood pressure, stimulate circulation and lower blood sugar levels.  That’s great news if you’re trying to stay heart healthy.

-          Yoga is a solid tool in preventing osteoporosis, and can help people to feel younger – and look it too.  It helps the body to produce more of the anti-aging hormone telomerase, and can also help battle many problems that come with age, such as arthritis.  The strengthening benefits can help to add essential balance, which can prevent falls and fractures.

-          Yoga eases stress and depression.  It just makes you feel good by helping people to deal with stress factors differently than those that don’t enjoy the practice.  It can help to change the way that people think and even ease symptoms of depression.

-          Yoga provides long range flexibility.  In fact, it offers more range of motion than many traditional stretches, because it offers the pull of other muscles.  So, if you’re doing a downward dog properly, you’re not just hanging out like a triangle, you’re actually warming and stretching your whole body.


-          It doesn’t actually cover all a person’s recommended cardio.  Many health care professionals recommend that as long as a person is able, it’s a good idea to supplement with about an hour of aerobic exercise three times a week.   When you add that to the heart benefits of a yoga routine, it’s likely that ticker will stay healthy for years to come.

-          Yoga doesn’t (but does) help a person to lose weight.  When used alone, the calorie burn of yoga isn’t significant enough to help a person shed unwanted pounds.  However, it has been shown to change the way a person thinks, stands and carries themselves.  When added to a healthy diet and cardio exercise, Yoga can help to improve the way a person looks and feels.

Although Yoga doesn’t offer as much of the cardio or weight loss benefits that one might have hoped for, it is a strenuous workout option that will be a fantastic addition to any routine.  It’s possible to find a yoga routine in almost any skill level that focuses on almost any part of the body, and might be the addition that helps break workout boredom.

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Written by Heather Nelson

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